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What would you do?

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    I have two rare Xbox 360 consoles that can be J-tagged the original way.

    The 1st Xbox in question is a Falcon arcade and the 2nd a Jasper elite.

    Both have very old dashboards (6683 for the falcon & 7363 for the jasper) and and as added BONUS they are BRAND NEW never played a game/CD or even being on more than once only to check their dashboards, they have original packaging and boxes and original accessories still packaged and never opened.
    Obviously one these was bought with intention of Jtag in mind and the other for replacing my hairdryer in the front room its a really noisy unmodded falcon elite (except for the fan and thermal paste) that has served me very well but rather than replace the fan I might as well start with a new elite being the jasper for my online gaming and media with sky app and media center ect...

    So i am WAS thinking of j-tagging the falcon initially as its better for hosting and not going to get that much use anymore only for my backup games really now and the odd arcade game every now & then but then my friend said for safety, as in this is my last chance for a long-term modded xbox360 console go with the jasper (as from the pictures you can see is getting a case transplant to a black ops original one i have) but I would way prefer the jasper for my online gaming as its naturally going to get more of a pounding and it will be able for it, another aspect of this is I plan on getting the one in the new year at some stage...

    (Falcon Arcade)
    (Jasper Elite)
    What would you do??:confused:


  • That's a whole lot of backstory for a simple question :)

    While the JTAG is still the cream of the crop it is not as valuable as it once was. You've got the RGH, RGH2, RGX and RJTAG. Pretty much every console is vulnerable, TX are still refining the modchips used for these exploits. All the hacks do the same thing and allow unsigned code to run on the console. The only thing that varies is the boot time - the JTAG is first boot every time, some of the others can be up to 2 mins to boot. The end result is the same though.

    So with that in mind I wouldn't be worrying about the exclusivity of the JTAG. If my Jasper JTAG shat itself tonight I would just buy a Slim from Argos tomorrow and modify it, no big deal. So now you're down into personal preference and here is what I would do - I would JTAG them both. Use the Jasper JTAG now for your homebrew, keep the Falcon JTAG as a backup. You already have a perfectly good online console that's a bit noisy - fix it with a fan mod or something, it won't cost you much.

    It would be insane to update the Jasper and use it for online play, even considering the other hacks available. People would pay good money to take a JTAGable Jasper BNIB off you and let you run off to buy a second hand non-JTAGable Jasper w/ warranty from Gamestop (or a Slim) for your online play. Don't do it.

  • maybe but I really just want to make a good decision, yeah I know you can rgh ect.. but I just want an xbox that will last a long time with the mod because a few of my friends modded xboxs and mine included did not last as long I got three years maybe the last time.
    But things change so fast with these hacks just reading around on TX, realmodscene and thetechgame and nobody really gets as long out of them rgh hacks, considering online the falcon is always going to be better from what I have read around but I do know the jasper is king in terms of its life and abuse.
    But yeah you make sense just F**king mod the two them sound.
    Let the fun times begin

  • Stop worrying about the longevity, it really shouldn't be a factor in your decision at all. I've had a glitched box under my control for years with not a bother on it and the same for the JTAG - 4 years going strong that one. It doesn't affect the lifetime of the console in any way unless you mod it wrong when it'll affect it by probably killing the thing straight off the bat.

    The ways the hacks are done change over time but the hacks themselves are the same really. I'm not sure what you're reading, stuff like "considering online the falcon is always going to be better" confuses me a bit - are you talking about Falcons (as a model) being better online [nonsense] or are you saying you agree that you should continue using your current, noisy Falcon for online play? If it's the latter then I agree :)

    The Jasper is indeed the most reliable version, which is why it should under no circomstances be used for anything other than a JTAG. You can pick up second hand consoles with warranties or any 'aul Slim console for online play at any point now and for a few years to come.

    Mod the two, sell or keep the Falcon if you like but use the Jasper :)

  • yeah I know probably be no big deal end up getting years from them. Yeah sorry I should clear this up I mean hosting online(Modded Lobbies) Yeah xenon is the best for online hosting of modded lobbies and then the falcon/zephyr but I have never read anything about the jasper! I never had a jasper before and dont know what the story is. so with that in mind I was thinking wtf am I gone do now, but either way I will just mod the two and be done with it. I got below text from

    Lobby Hosting JTAGs:

    Xenon (Best) Note: Should not be used for longer durations.

    Zephyr/Falcon (Second best)

    Xenons can use type 1 & 2 KV's so unbanning is easier for them.

    Zephyrs/Falcons can both only use type 2 so are harder to unban.

    At the moment,it's not very important,as JTAGs cannot connect to XBL.

  • How is any one model 360 better for things than another? :confused:

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  • Myrddin wrote: »
    How is any one model 360 better for things than another? :confused:

    In terms of their capabilities there is no real difference.

    In terms of longevity or build quality it goes in reverse chronological order of revision date - so Jasper would be the best, followed by Falcon then Xenon.

    If you're looking at keyvaults/unbanning then Xenon are the superior models since they can use type 1 or 2 KVs. However they can't or shouldn't be left online for long periods of time or you're running the RROD risk.

    Like you said though, modded consoles can't use xbox live so whether the console uses a type 1 or 2 KV doesn't matter. Microsoft can sniff out modded consoles on their network very easily, it won't last long regardless of what model you choose to do it on and it's not something we can help out with since you're breaking the Xbox Live ToS :)

  • IIf you're looking at keyvaults/unbanning then Xenon are the superior models since they can use type 1 or 2 KVs. However they can't or shouldn't be left online for long periods of time or you're running the RROD risk.

    Ah, that's prob it so :)