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Canbet 28 ways to deposit and no way to withdrawal

  • 24-12-2013 12:21am
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    I submitted a request for a withdrawal a month ago. Got a reply saying that they were having problems with their withdrawal software. I asked that my complaint be escalated to management got the same email back.
    I than made a complaint to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service
    They replied saying that Canbet are paying their customers and that they only got one complaint against Canbet! I found that hard to believe since I googled Canbet complaints and found a lot of people complaining of non payment.
    Next I made a complaint to the Gambling
    Their reply was that they had a significant amount of complaints from customers about non payment. That they had contacted Canbet and Canbet told them that they were having problems with software payouts.
    They also said We have also received assurances from the company’s auditors that the company has sufficient assets to cover its gambling liabilities. Nothing else!
    I sent off an email to Canbet telling then that I had I have registered for a government gateway account with HM courts and Tribunals Service.
    That if I am not payed in full within 7 days that I would start court proceedings. I will just have to wait and see.


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 812 ✭✭✭clickerquicklic

    The company director sent and email out to everyone there a couple of weeks ago (did you not get it?) Saying there was a mistake and people were getting bonuses that they werent due. I've a few thousand here not expecting to see it again.

    Please be advised that your withdrawal request will be processed and paid over the next week.
    Over the past two months, as you are well aware, Canbet Sports Bookmakers UK Ltd has experienced immense difficulties in making payments to our customers. As our customer service department has reported, this has been the result of an IT error that had been triggered through bonus bets and free deposit match up bonuses.

    Like many companies within the online industry, some components of the IT software are controlled by a third party and integrated into the main IT platform. At Canbet this has been the case with our financial software program for many years. This third party IT program accepts deposits and issues withdrawals; it calculates all financial transactions including bonuses.

    Recently it was discovered that this system was not recognising all the rules associated with deposit match up bonuses, thus many customers were unduly qualifying for their bonuses. This resulted in management having to undergo a complete overhaul of the third party IT system, including a financial forensic audit, whereby we had to first identify the issues, find out how far back the issue went, identify every customer and each of their bets and then assess if the customer qualified for their bonus or not. Unfortunately, all of this has taken time to complete.

    Whilst we appreciate that this delay in payment processing has caused unnecessary angst amongst our customers, we were left with no alternative other than to resolve this problem and ensure that everyone who has made a withdrawal request was eligible to withdraw their money and paid the correct amount. During this period, once our customer service and finance department were satisfied that the customer was eligible or not to withdraw their funds, they have either been paid or notified as to why they were not eligible due to not satisfying the bonus requirements.
    Over the next week, our customer clearance procedures will once again be automated which will result in customers being paid in an expedient manner, thus clearing the backlog of withdrawal requests. Going forward, we will be upgrading our whole financial platform to ensure that we don’t have a repeat of this in the future.
    I would like to thank both the UK Gambling Commission and IBAS for their support and assistance during this period and look forward to our customers once again enjoying the benefits of one of the world’s oldest online sports books.
    On behalf of the team at Canbet, I do offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that this temporary issue has caused you.
    Yours Sincerely


    File a complaint at Sportsbookreview but the queue is very long of people waiting to be paid

  • Registered Users Posts: 849 ✭✭✭celticcrash

    I already did report it to SBR. And yes I got the email saying that I would be paid within the week. But no pay.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,328 ✭✭✭Mezcita

    From their website:

    "Canbet will temporarily cease taking any further bets or deposits, effective from 31 December 2013, due to an ongoing system malfunction affecting client withdrawals and deposits. Please note that any unsettled bets will be honoured once the result is known.

    The previous software fix has not rectified the current problem to the satisfaction of management and as a result this has lead to management taking this decision to temporarily cease trading until we can integrate a final technical solution, (which we are currently working on). The UK Gambling Commission has been notified of this decision.

    Canbet apologise for the delayed payment issue and fully understand your frustration. Canbet has informed the UK Gambling Commission and we have assured them that ALL customer payments will continue to be paid as previously notified.

    As part of our current software upgrade, the company are launching a new state of the art sportsbook and a mobile betting platform in the coming weeks.

    Again Canbet apologises for the delay in payments and we will keep you posted with updates on our technical progress, which we are working around the clock to resolve.

    Yours Sincerely

    The Canbet Management Team"

    Problems started here once they started offering very decent reload offers with pretty small wagering requirements. They seemed to have been absolutely hammered. To such an extent that they were never going to be able to pay out the withdrawals.

  • Registered Users Posts: 849 ✭✭✭celticcrash

    Look into the things are starting to heat up.
    These boys are going down.

    Hey guys - Sorry for the delay. I couldn't make it to the lawyer's appt as something unfortunately came up with my son but I did have a lengthy chat with the lawyer. Turns out it was for the best as today's appt would've been free but from the next one he'd start charging and I didn't have all the info he needs anyway - mainly the docs from the GC and a ballpark of how much is owed. Thankfully the FOI request was put in a couple of weeks ago so those should be available soon but I'm going to have to try to compose a list of some sort of bettors and affiliates owed by Canbet. It doesn't need to be proper names - forum usernames are fine - but I know from looking elsewhere that many people haven't filed a complaint with SBR for various reasons and/or are affiliates so they wouldn't file an SBR complaint at all. We need to come up with the best way of trying to compile that info so we include as many people as possible.

    The lawyer also told me to contact ASIC which I have so this info is from both of them. They advised me that yes we - and ASIC - can go after Peter and Graeme personally if we can reasonably demonstrate that they were continuing to do business while insolvent. ASIC will also go after them on your behalf if it can be demonstrated that they made public assurances of solvency when they were aware they didn't have the money. We - and ASIC - can also go after them if their insolvency filings were only to attempt to hide from debt as that's fraud against the Commonwealth. If any - or all - of these factors can be proven Peter and Graeme will be in a world of hurt financially as they will also face fines of up to either 200k or 220k + what they owe you. If dishonesty is proven to be a factor in IGAS' insolvency - as we've shown several instances it was - they both also face up to 5 years in prison along with the fines and restitution and be disqualified from being a director again. It seems the Aussie Govt doesn't f around with insolvency so the thing they tried to do to wash their hands of Canbet will be the very thing that brings them down.

    The lawyer told me his jaw dropped while reading this thread as "they handed you a win on a silver platter". He couldn't believe that so called business guys could be so stupid with the timeline of how things played out and what they told clients and the GC in writing. And the woman from ASIC laughed when I told her about the paragraph on the Canbet site and explained that directors don't get to decide what happens to someone's money in the event of an insolvency. You can't just say if we go bankrupt you're f'd. Well I guess technically you can try to use it as a way to put people off from suing you but it doesn't work that way when the government steps in. The lawyer also went into detail about shifting assets to related companies and trying to hide under a parent during insolvency but the stuff he said was pretty complex and to be honest I can't remember it word for word so I won't post about it in case I screw up the info somehow.

    So that's where we're at today. Peter and Graeme have the choice now of dealing with us by paying you all, or us + ASIC and facing paying you all, massive legal costs + fines and possible prison. Oh and now 2 of the largest media outlets in Australia are keen to do a story on this to make their week even better. I know what choice I'd make if I were them but the month of Jan alone has proven they're not the brightest stars in the sky so I'm not holding my breath they make the wise one. They have a few days to think about it until we get those docs from the GC. As soon as they're in my hands they're going to the lawyer and ASIC and it's game on.

  • Registered Users Posts: 849 ✭✭✭celticcrash

    This is just starting to break.

    At least if we dont get our money, someones going to prison.

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