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PS3 Repair/Modding?

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    New to Boards here,
    Just wondering if anyone else has encountered graphics overheating problems with there PS3, and if they have managed to fix it :).
    I hope im going down the right path of assuming to reflow the graphics card and new thermal paste?
    If not please tell me :P and if im right anyone know where to get a heat gun cheaply?
    And lastly Im mostly PC now so im looking to mod rather then play games TBH, dont know alot about PS3 mods and hoping you guys could point me in the right direction :)

    Thanks in advance,


  • A reball would be much more permanent than a reflow as it removes the lead free solder and replaced with with lead solder. You can pick up cheap heatguns everywhere like in B&Q, ebay, etc

    Modding your PS3 is only possible if it's on software version 3.55 or lower. If it's on a higher firmware now but originally came with something less than 3.55 then it can be downgraded. Downgrading is difficult and requires a flasher and a complicated install. You'll have to look outside Boards since nobody on here does it for people.

  • Thanks for your help :)
    Ill have a look into reballing instead!