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Wado Kai Clubs in Dublin


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    Hello there!

    Does anybody know of any Wado - Kai clubs in Dublin? :-)


    These sites might help,,, Very many years since I did Wado, i.e. with Iwasaki in the 80s, so no idea what's good and bad these days, but found Iwasaki to be a fantastic instructor back in the day.

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    There s one in Alsaa near the airport also one in sports link and one in Inishfails gaa club on the Malahide Rd

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    Wado in Ireland is very fragmented.

    There are also, to my knowledge anyway, currently no less than three Wado-Kai organisations in the Republic of Ireland. The original Wado-Kai of Ireland is known as the Wado-Kai Association of Ireland and is headquartered in ALSAA near the airport. You can find other clubs from that association on the site Onakai, or their facebook page. The second, Ireland Wado-Kai Karate-do Renmei, and the Third, Ireland Wado-Kai Karate-do, are closely tied together, in that they are members of Wado-Kai EU, would attend some of the same seminars together, but have different badges.

    So, it really all depends on which Wado-Kai you're looking for.

    Also, I too found Iwasaki sensei to be a fantastic instructor when I last trained with him around eight years ago, but according to his site, he no longer trains the original Wado, but rather a new style which he has developed from it.