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RGH vs JTAG - which is best

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    Hi my name is Mick can u please post difference between jtag and reset glitch mod and which is best.


  • JTAGs are pretty much dead by now - the conditions necessary to JTAG a console are too restrictive. You need a phat console with a manufacturing version before June 2009 that hasn't received a dashboard update since before 2.0.8955.0 (August 2009). There's pretty much no consoles like that around anymore. If you have one then JTAG wins hands down so JTAG it.

    RGH is the glitch - there are two variants of this RGH1 and RGH2. Both use the same hardware, so they're as hard to install as the other. If you can you should opt for an RGH1, but once again there are few consoles out there that fit the bill these days.

    If you have a Phat console there is the RJTAG - a glitch that re-enables the JTAG exploit. This would be the preference IMO for Phat consoles if the console supports it.

    All of them have the exact same functionality andallow you to run unsigned code - the only difference is how quick the console boots with JTAG winning, followed by RJTAG, RGH and finally RGH2. Still though, a good installer can get your console to boot in under a minute with any method and that should keep you happy out.

  • Thanks virus. Well the box i have is a 160 gb black Xbox 360 with a dashboard of 2.0.16202.0 so Im hoping i can get some one to jtag this for me. Anyone know of some one please up date me. Many thanks Mick.

  • You won't JTAG that console, but you would RGH it.

    There are modders offering their services in the Modding Services sticky thread, try contacting them via PM as requests on the forum aren't allowed.

  • Thanks I taught i could with the dashboard number.

  • Whats rgh mean and what can it do.

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  • I told you that you need a dash number less than 2.0.8955.0, you posted you have 2.0.16202.0 ..obviously higher than 8955 :)

    I also explained that the RGH is a different hack that does the exact same as a JTAG. RGH stands for Reset Glitch Hack.

    I also said that you need to send the modder a private message. Don't post on the modding services sticky thread unless you are advertising your services. Click on the name of the user you want to contact, then click "Send a private message to <username>".

    Thanks :)