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Advice Please on E-readers/Tablets

  • 10-12-2013 4:22pm
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    Hi all,

    I'm thinking about buying an e-reader/tablet, primarily for reading both books and comics.

    Basically I'm looking for ease of access for downloading content and am willing to pay up to €250-€300. So far the Kindle Fire (and the newer HDX) and the Nexus 7 have caught my eye. I've heard mixed reviews on the Kindle Fires so would greatly appreciate any feedback on these items.

    The Kindle is appealing to me as it seems handy for my primary needs with its direct connection to the Amazon App Store, and also seems to have the added bonus of (streaming at the very least) being able to watch film/tv content.

    Alternatively, if anyone knows of any e-books that would suit my needs (wish to read both books and comics, plus ease in downloading same) then I would greatly appreciate your input also. I have a Sony Xperia Z so the internet/browsing aspect doesn't bother so much.

    Sorry if the above is a bit of a muddle, nice one anyway. :pac:


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    You can get the Kindle app free of charge on the Google Play store. There is also an app on the Play Store for the Amazon App Store I'm fairly sure. I'd try the apps on the Sony and see if they would work for you. I would go for the Nexus in my opinion, as at least it has full access to the Play store and stock Android to boot. That's not to say the Kindle shouldn't be considered, however, and it does have the better screen (HDX)