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Please review a new website for Painter / Decorator in Dun Laoghaire

  • 05-12-2013 8:46pm
    Registered Users Posts: 18 ✭✭✭ wwrjd

    I have just developed this simple brochure website for a painter and decorator in Dun Laoghaire -

    We know we're thin on content but I would love to get some feedback on the look and feel of it.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Low contrast, grey on grey scheme is poor enough looks and performance-wise, but worse for a painter's site.

    There's also a lot of bloat under the bonnet.

  • I like it, a neutral palette would be the route I would go for as a painter or decorator. I would model along the lines of an artists site, too much colour would imply possibly a style in the decorator. Minimal is the way to go and this works well

  • It would be good to give a description of what has been done for the gallery pieces — I think people are reassured if people hear the technique or consideration that has gone into work, & will also get an idea of his capabilities — e.g. on the homepage image, have the cabinets been painted?

    I'd assume that it's only the back wall (as the cabinet doors don't look like the sort you'd get paintined), so if he is putting work into that, I think it'd be good to highlight more.

    Only other thing I'd say is on the contact form, consider adding a checkbox, "Send me a copy" — one thing I hate is using contact forms on sites where you've no idea if they got your mail or not & then you don't remember when you contacted someone because it's not in your inbox.

  • I'm no expert in all things website but I will say that I really like the look of it and also the before/after photos in the gallery - that's probably what would impress me the most as a potential client?