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Red Dwarf Run-Through

  • 05-12-2013 11:53am
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    So I've embarked on a run-through of Red Dwarf, from start to finish. After a week or so, I'm well into Season 3. I've enjoyed them a lot actually, as it's been ages since I watched the series like this. A couple that stand out to me as not that enjoyable though:

    Season 1 - Confidence & Paranoia. I like this episode up as far as the confidence actor arrives into it, I find him awful & ruins the episode.
    Season 2 - Queeg. I'm probably alone in this but I really don't like the episode.

    That's pretty much it in terms of dislikes, the rest are all still brilliant. Season 3 is a cracker of a season actually, not a dud amongst the lot.


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    Just finished season 5 there. An absolute cracker of a season, not a single dud episode amongst the lot.

    Holoship, The Inquisitor, Terrorform, Quarantine, Demons & Angels, and Back to Reality. Two contenders for best episode of all time with Quarantine & Back to Reality. Cracking season altogether, & possible the best of the lot?

    Seasons 3 & 4 were brilliant too, & it was around Season 3 that the show found itself & broke away from the mold of seasons 1 & 2.

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    i did the same recently and im now going through them all listening to the commentaries

    some classics in the commentaries. highlight is when craig charles is missing for an entire season and they all take turns impersonating him.. chris barrie has an incredible talent for voices.

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    So, I'm finished Seasons 6, 7, 8 & BTE. My thoughts are, like most people I imagine, it has been on a downhill trend ever since season 7. It peaked at season 6 {personally I think 5 was even better now that I've watched them all in close succession}.

    Season 7 was good, nowhere near the quality of 5 & 6, but good anyway.

    Season 8 was a bit of a wasted opportunity I feel, having the whole thing set in The Tank. It was ok, some funny moments, but the setting change was too drastic for me. I don't think having the crew resurrected was the right way to go.

    BTE, well, this is my third time to see it I think, & I can see it now for what it is/was...a complete waste of three episodes. There's so many other things that could have been done, & they really should have worked Kochanski back into it properly, I think she added a lot to the lineup.

    I've begin Season 10, & am enjoying it so far. A definite step in the right direction.

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    Finished season 10 last night. It started better than it ended, but it was still a huge step in the right direction. All done...for now :)