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AceKard 3DS?

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    I am looking for a new Acekard. The AceKard 2i is €22 odd on a particular site, and they have an AceKard 3DS for €8 odd..

    It will be for use mainly in a 3DS, but it also says it's compatible for a DSi too.

    Am I missing something? Why is it so much cheaper? And does it work?!


  • First off, all flash cartridges except the Gateway 3DS support only DS software on the 3DS. This may decide what cartridge you want right now. If not, then I'll explain your other options.

    The Acekard 2i used to be amazing and does support the 3DS but you shouldn't buy it. It only works on a 3DS if your firmware is 4.3 or lower. The company behind it have not been able to keep up with Nintendo's firmware security updates that combat piracy and the ability to run homebrew software and as a result the card is considered discontinued. 3DS software version 4.3 was released in September 2012, so it's quite old - any Nintendo 3DS bought in the last year probably has newer firmware.

    What you really want is an R4i Gold or a Supercard DStwo. The advantage of the Supercard over the R4i Gold is that the Supercard DStwo has never needed to be replaced when Nintendo released a security update/firmware update. On at least one occasion people were forced to buy another R4i after a Nintendo update. The difference of course is the price, with the Supercard DStwo being about twice as expensive as the R4i Gold.

    You can find suppliers for the R4i online here and the Supercard DStwo here. Choose your supplier wisely, sometimes it's better to order from the US or China since it's cheaper than european resellers :)