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R4i for 2DS, PM me please

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    Hi, i want to come accross one of these babies as my daughter wants a 2DS for XMAS, if someone could point me in the right direction.
    I tried off the website r41 with the .ie (if u catch my not wanting to advertise drift) but there was a problem with the payment.
    Also can someone confirm that these cards which were designed for the 3DS do in fact work with the 2DS?


  • Will only work on DS games played in a 3ds/2ds, the cheaper cards liable to be blocked by future 3ds/2ds updates. Supercard dstwo will cost you 40 dollars ish, supposedly less likely to be blocked because of its design. Dunno where you would get one from, or any flash card these days. China probably and very unlikely the site will accept paypal, even less likely it will arrive before Christmas.

  • well this sucks, my daughter only wanted the 2ds to play pokemon x &y, now i have to buy them aswell! Any chance of them hacking it in the near future? Im so used to there things being sorted within hrs of releasee that i didnt even consider that it mightnt be hacked yet, the 3ds has been out for a few yrs now!:eek:

  • Just buy the games & support the developers :)

  • Some of the new R4 cards are compatible with the 2ds console. If a future update does block the card, simply download the latest firmware from the card manufacturers website or just disable your wifi on the console. And is a drop ship operation. items are not stocked in Ireland.