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website ideas needed. walking/cycling trails in ireland

  • 24-11-2013 9:55pm
    Registered Users Posts: 536 sw33t_r3v3ng3

    I am currently working on a website that will allow users to sign up and add walking or cycling trails nearby to the site. The reason its a .tk domain is because I have no way of paying for a .ie domain (unless someone is nice enough ;) ) I need some ideas as far as what else the user is able to do and what the design should look like. It is a work in progress and anyone who helps will most certainly be mentioned on the site. I might even link your own site :) any help appreciated.


  • If you have not got your own ideas and if you are not different than any of the other websites then it will be hard to get people to use your site.

  • the main reason I'm building this is just to get better at web development . The main goal is to build a user friendly site that provides a service. And if people come to it and find it useful then thats a plus !!