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Kindle Fire for Browsing?

  • 20-11-2013 9:34pm
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    I know that these kind of threads have been done to death but I'm a bit stumped. I was thinking of getting my boyfriend a tablet for Christmas and I saw Kindle Fires on offer for £99 on Amazon, so about 120e. He would probably just use it for web browsing and whatnot, more so than e-books.

    He's quite tech-savvy so I don't want to buy him something that only performs averagely, just because my budget was limited. Should I go for it while it's still on offer, or hold off and think of something else?


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    You are heading into dangerous waters, be warned!!! I have a standing rule with my girlfriend whereby she cannot get me anything tech related for this very reason… I know it’s the thought that counts but if she is going to spend her hard earned cash on something tech related I would rather she consults me to get the right thing (right doesn’t have to mean expensive).

    Are you sure it will be just used for internet browsing?

    The Kindle Fire is not a top of the range tablet but it is a very capable device and who can argue with its price. If all he will be doing is browsing then it’s perfect. You should note that it is not Android in the way people think of Android. You cannot download apps from Google Play, instead only from the Amazon equivalent. Now that’s no problem if all he wants to do is browse the internet, use Facebook, etc. (search Google to see what apps are available). Google Play has far more apps available than Amazon so if you think he might be doing more with it then I would re-think your present or look at an Android tablet.

    A good clue is what type of phone he has, how often does he use it and for what does he use it for.

    Another option could be the 2012 edition of the Nexus 7. Not too sure how much they are in Ireland these days but for about an extra €50 you can get it (you can buy them in shops so you will save on the posting as well). The Nexus 7 was, in my opinion, last year’s flagship 7in Android tablet. There is a newer model out now but any tech enthusiast would still be delighted with the old version.

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    Thanks for the reply, I went and did a bit more research on the Kindle and decided it would be too limited for media content, like you said. As I say, he knows his stuff, so I didn't want to get him something below-par for the sake of saving a few euro.

    I literally followed your advice before you gave it; I got him the 2012 Nexus 7 for £129.99 on Amazon, with free postage. I'll be broke for the next few weeks but it'll be worth it for getting him something that's better. He uses a Galaxy SIII, which he's always whipping out to check soccer scores and whatnot, so I figure the Android technology of the Nexus would suit him better.

    Thanks for your help! It's pretty much affirmed that I made the right choice in bankrupting myself for the Nexus :P

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    You made the right choice, any Android user will love the Nexus. It is defiantly worth the extra €30ish, he will have a great tablet. And good job getting it early, my prediction is that they are going to be in short supply this Christmas

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    I'd say so, everyone and their granny seems to be after them! Thanks :)