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Currently Teaching in Middle East

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    Hi Guys, I have searched through a number of threads regarding teaching in the Middle East. However, all of the threads seem to be about the initial interview process and the plane journey out to the Middle East - then the thread 'dies'. Can anyone who is currently teaching in the Middle East tell us how they are getting on now that they have started teaching?

    Now that you are established in the Middle East, what advice would you give to someone like me who is thinking of heading over in Aug 2014

    Is teaching in the Middle East similar to teaching in Ireland?
    What are the differences?
    What is school management and discipline in schools like?
    Financially are you saving more than you were in Ireland?
    What is life like outside school?


  • I work with ADEC. Teach in a state school in Abu Dhabi. This is my second year. I love it over here. Pay and conditions are great. Lots of greta people over here. More Irish people, it sometimes seems, than in Ireland itself! But...and this is a big but...the kids in the schools are generally absolutely crazy. Seriously, it's like nothing you've ever experienced before. Most of the ones I've taught have been grand in that they're not malevolent or anything, but they're just nuts. Jumping out windows, running around the classroom- I know one schoo where some student even took a sh1t on a teacher's desk!

    But I go with the flow, don't freak out much, and have a good relationship with my students. I aim for what I can achieve. If you're laid back and relaxed as a person, you'll get on ok here. If not, then chances are you'll be running after a few months.

    Private schools are better behaved, but generally pay is a lot less, and work is a lot more.

  • I have been corresponding with Worldteachers Recruitment Ltd and would be interested in hearing about anyone elses experiences with the company, especially as I would have to fly over to Manchester for the interview.. I am registered to teach further education (adults) and have no real previous experience teaching but am qualified now. I am also a little older and looking to save for a house, I also have a partner and am worried would we need to live apart. I was advised that Abu Dhabi would be more affordable and less hectic. I am currently going for a job that would be secondary school students and would welcome all advice + recommendations.


  • Einhard, thanks for your post.

    Can I ask what subjects you teach?

    I'm strongly thinking of applying with ADEC.