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Import tax for skates

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    Anyone know what the story is regarding import or other taxes and charges on skates coming in from the USA? Hard enough to find up to date info so I though i'd ask on here :)


  • There's a thread here that goes into the principles, but basically it depends on value, but above a certain limits Customs Duty and VAT is due on imports from outside the EU. This will normally be collected before the goods are released to you by the courier company

  • The simple version of it is this: if it comes from within the EU, you're good. There won't be any further charges unless your courier does something funny, like send it to customs anyway. If it comes from outside the EU, then it's Order Cost + Shipping Cost x 1.25 = Total Cost, where the 1.25 is the percentage of taxes and charges you'll end up paying (VAT + Excise + Service charge adds up to about 25%).

    There's exceptions, but it's a good rule of thumb. Often, the savings you'd make in ordering from the US are outweighed by the costs of shipping and taxes. Sometimes to values that can be quite shocking.
    One thing to watch out for, if you are ordering from abroad, is to ensure the taxes have been calculated on the correct currency. More than a few times, I've ordered parts and been charged in Euro, but had it calculated in Dollars. If in doubt, do query it, as the overcharge can be substantial.

  • I know of at least one of our skaters who's orders skates from the states and had to pay customs on arrival. I'd recommend ordering from inside Europe, unless there's a pretty big difference in price

  • support local!!! :confused:

  • I'm after Vanillas. Do u stock them? I'd asked about that on another thread and didn't get any replies so presumed not.

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  • When I got my FM package from the States, the skate company labelled it incorrectly, pricing it at approx $5000 dollars instead of $500(ish). It ended up in the depot and they never answer the phone. Finally, when I got to talk to someone, i had to talk him through the company website and direct him to my mediocre package. Took three weeks to get them after they arrived in the country.

    Paying the duty on them is a pain in a**e. When my partner's package arrived, the An Post guy, had no laser machine, she had cash, but not the exact amount and he had no change. Then he wouldn't wait for her to go to a bank machine. They ended up in a depot in west Dublin, which was a pain because she was working nine to five. Maybe this has changed, because it was a little silly to expect people to carry around loads of yo-yos for a couple of weeks, waiting on their package to arrive, though they may have changed the way they deliver packages.