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Table quiz - any ideas for round of questions

  • 01-11-2013 7:16pm
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    Hi all,

    Am setting questions for pub/table quiz and want to have some alternative round of questions/puzzles from the usual picture/dingbat, music, 'part of your leg' (athy) or the '366 D in a L Y' (366 Days in a Lear Year) type questions. Have traced out the outline of some of the counties in Ireland with no other marking on them and the participants had to identify the county which proved tricky enough Any ideas?????

    Thanks in advance


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    How about something like what they do on that BBC "Only Connect" show where you take the vowels out of things and put in random spaces. For instance if category was English/Scottish football teams:

    Easy: MNC HS TRN TD - Manchester United
    Hard: LLT HLT C = Alloa Athletic

    Definitely something you have you hand out on a sheet e.g. keep them arguing during a raffle ticket selling break. You couldn't really call them out.

    Pictures just of eyes and maybe a little bit of the person's hair? - women are brilliant at getting these right, but use well known photos.

    Movie posters with the names taken out?

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    Thanks for ideas, went with using logos. Worked grand, was something different.