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    Having decided to watch this on Netflix a week ago and being halfway through season 2 now, I gotta say, I really think this show was terribly underrated. The first few eps were fairly by the numbers and boring but as it goes, it gets much much better. It's actually one of the better written of Whedon's shows. As it goes on, it focuses less and less on Echo (Eliza Dushku) and more on the ramifications of the Dollhouse. Huge pity that it got cancelled, and way before its time.



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    IMO it was impressive for the fact that almost all the main characters where equally interesting, except perhaps the lead character. I watched it in fits and starts which may be why I feel it lacked continuity. The plot did progress toward some sort of conclusion (i.e. the end of the world) but in a jarring confused fashion that was hard to get into. I think the main problem was that Eliza Dushku's character was very hard to care about.

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    The only point I felt the progress of the show was jarring was in the second season where they were clearly told they didn't have long left and had to rush towards a conclusion. That said though, having watched the whole thing in 2 weeks flat, I really think this is one of Whedon's best shows. As you've said, all the characters were really interesting (except Dushku's, you're right) and the cast was fantastic in general. Some plot points would really have benefited from a longer run and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really upset when I got to the end of the show and there were no more episodes. I reckon if it hadn't been for the rocky first few episodes (and possibly the presence of Dushku herself), it would have been a huge success.

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    Ye you are right - ive seen this twice through now first time was week by week as it came out and enjoyed it but its much better watching over a few nights

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