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I want to start

  • 24-10-2013 11:28pm
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    Hi I live in athlone and want to start airsoft but I don't know where the nearest place is and what sort of gun I need can ye help me out


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    I don't know about airsoft in athlone but as regards to a gun, a typical starter gun would be the Jing Gong (JG) G36C or the JG Aug. You can pick them up pretty cheap second hand (80-120) in the adverts section or from one of the irish retailers (have a look in the retailers section for some of the shops.

    Alternately, have a look at the M4 variants. G&G make decent mid range guns -their Raider model is very popular. Other than that, its up to you as to what kind of gun you want really as most gun types are available eg P90, M14, MP5 etc

    Don't be tempted to import a gun from a website based abroad as customs will be a nightmare and there isn't generally a big difference in price compared to the local retailers once vat/customs is added.

    Is there anything in particular you have in mind?

    Also, you could begin by going to a site and hiring a gun for the day. To test the waters so to speak and you will be able to see other guns in action to see the advantages. 99% of players are dead on so they'll have no probs in giving you plenty of tips.

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    Yes il do that and what sort of close and gear would you bring to it and do u have to have a serten amount of people going

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    clothes wise it depend on the site and the environment,for cqb im guessing black would be ideal and woodland there are any amount of camo sets out there, you can pick up some around 40e
    players wise there has to be a certain amount of people out to play but you personally dont have to get a group together just to play as most sites are open most weekends anyways

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    Well most sites are outdoors so you can expect to be outside for most of the day. If you have boots they would be advisable and wear older clothes as it may be mucky. Just don't go out with a big yellow jumper like i once saw - you'll be an obvious target!

    You generally don't need a big group of people as most sites are open to all but you would need to double check first in case they have a booking or special event. For example at Limerick Airsoft Camp you usually have a selection from the regulars and a couple of rental folks. They'll supply the gun and goggles.

    Just make sure you have a big pocket somewhere to hold a bottle of bb's (about the size of 500ml bottle of water)

    Other than that just go and have a bit of craic!