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Recommend 9"+ Tablet

  • 19-10-2013 8:17pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 8,613 Big Nelly


    Looking for new tablet. I bought my wife a Samsung NC10 netbook but to be honest she never used at all and preferred grabbing my Lenono. Recently invested in Nook HD+ for myself and now its hard to get that from my wife. So I sold off the NC10 and looking to get tablet at least 9" in size. I got my young lad a 7" and the misses says it too small.

    She has an iphone 4s and going to new model.....mentioned ipad but doesn't really care....has no problem using Android even thought she doesn't realize she is using Android:P

    Have Samsung phones myself and like it, only the S3 but no issue with it. Wife did mention she thinks the Nook is a little bit slow. The Nook HD+ has 1.5 GHz OMAP4470 Dual-Core Processor so not sure how this compares with other manufacturers?

    So just looking for idea's? or is it really just Nexus or Samsung?

    One thing that would be nice but not really a show stopper would be support for Sky go!!

    Budget is anything really within reason as I will be buying and putting money to her budget which is 130 euro