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Translation of Birth Certificate

  • 15-10-2013 11:21am
    Registered Users Posts: 354 ✭✭ lila44

    Hi All!

    I was just looking for some advice. Does anyone know where I could get a Finnish Birth Certificate translated professionally in Ireland?

    I have done some googling, but I was basically hoping someone might have used a particular company before...It's quite hard to tell what company is genuine or not you know!

    Thanks! :)


  • Maybe ask the Finnish embassy if they can recommend someone?

  • Does the company have to be based in Ireland?

    If not, I would recommend Sandberg Translation Partners in the UK. I have worked with them myself. If they can't help you maybe they can recommend someone.

  • Alun wrote: »
    Maybe ask the Finnish embassy if they can recommend someone?
    Yeah, this would be my first port of call too. Then you may even get an Embassy letterhead on the form/translation too.

  • Thanks for all the replies guys! Will try the embassy! :)