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Predator CG Operation Green Hawk Down Sat 26th Oct 13

  • 27-09-2013 5:40pm
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    49 Newcastle Road, bt24 8nf drumaness

    10hrs full on event.


    Ammo Limits:
    AEG 700rds (midcap, hi cap)
    Sniper 150rds
    Support weapons 2000rds
    ammo limits include side arms


    Irish Defence Forces: CAMO ONLY (NO CIVI CLOTHING!)


    Assault vests acceptable but make sure your clothing reflect the team your on.

    Report for duty at 0800hrs for registration and set up.

    Price £20

    Book in advance to choose your team or you will be allocated a team on the day (YOU WILL NEED TO BRING SET OF CLOTHES FOR BOTH TEAMS IF YOU DONT!)

    FPS LIMITS: 328 for ALL guns!

    Details to follow!

    Camping available Fri & Sat night if desired: Please let us know in advance.


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    Comms will be provided for up to 4 squads in each team to ensure communication with respective commanders.

    Internal comms between team members still essential. Contact your team members through facebook and try getting organised before hand.

    Medic rules apply. If you have a death rag of your own please use it otherwise it will be provided on the day.

    Thanks and hope to see you there.

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    Walkon Price £20
    Rentals (coming with walkons) £45

    Please register your team preference by posting DF for defense forces or RM for Rebel Militia. You can also register on the apropriate thread within the event pge on our facebook. Please pass the word on. Thx

    1: Any player arguing with anyone will be told to leave the site IMMEDIATELY

    2: Aggressive behaviour will not to tolerated of any kind

    3: Dont be late for any of the briefing as they will continue without you game info is important for your enjoyment of the game

    4: Cheat calling hit calling what ever you wish to call it will not be tolerated tell a marshal immediately and they will deal with it NOT three hours later

    5: The BANG rule is not in enforced at milsam games so expect to be at close range however at close range we do expect commom sense from player

    6: Random cronoimg will be in operation during the day as well as ammo checks!!!!

    7: Box mags on support weapons ONLY.

    8: Single shot inside buildings. Anyone found breaking this rule will be told to LEAVE.

    9: Only pyros purchased from PCG can be used on the day. Any pyros found that has not been purchased from PCG will be removed from the game.

    10: Grenade kills 5m radius or inside room KIA immediate return to regen!!!

    11: To caputure an enemy fighter your medic must place a medic rag on his arm, then you must tell him his weapons are out off action!!! Do Not remove his guns from him!! A prisoner can only be held for 30 minutes!!

    12: Prisioners- YOUR GUNS ARE ONLY OUT OFF ACTION IF TOLD SO!!! A prisioner can escape ONLY if he is left unattended!!

    14: DRESS CODE: Irish Defence Force- CAMO ONLY
    Rebel Force- CIVVI ONLY

    Please note Predator Combat Games have created these rules for your enjoyment and for ease off game play!!!

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    Released by Open Press Network: 6th October 2013

    Source: cannot be disclosed

    Under UN directives, issued in October 2013, a team of observers were deployed to investigate rumors of acts off genocide and use off chemical weapons……….

    Due to the nature of the operation, the location and details are not known at present.

    The threat level is at 2 (low level) presently, pending on reconnaissance and intelligence updates received.

    As this is a fluid situation updates to follow as soon as possible

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    Released by Open Press Network: 14th October 2013

    Small quantities of chemicals have been discovered are believed to be capable of use in WMD’s.

    As the use of chemical warfare is deemed to be a breach of human rights, this has to be substantiated conclusively before any decision is made on deployment of troops.

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    mudger wrote: »
    Released by Open Press Network: 14th October 2013

    Small quantities of chemicals have been discovered are believed to be capable of use in WMD’s.

    As the use of chemical warfare is deemed to be a breach of human rights, this has to be substantiated conclusively before any decision is made on deployment of troops.

    Released by Open Press Network: 20th October 2013

    With immediate effect the deployment of UN forces has been sanctioned.

    As part of covert operations, Defense Forces Rangers have discovered evidence of the use of chemical weapons. While it has been difficult to prove without a doubt the evidence has been enough to justify the intervention of military action from UN forces.

    A combined force including the Irish defense forces have been deployed and should be on the ground by the end of the week (26th October 2013).

    The task is to gather intelligence, further evidence of mass graves and genocide and prevent the use of chemical warfare, seize and safely dispose of any such materials.

    A rebel militia has decided to rid the country of any opposing factions and overthrow the government and establish a new regime. The concerns for the UN are that, like other countries in the region, they become unresponsive and oppose any involvement in any UN aspirations for peace in the region.

    The concerns are that such, UN HQ has raised the threat level to 4.

    The feeling is that military action is inevitable and imminent, even though all avenues of negotiations are being sought and tested.

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    Well done everyone for a great days play. balanced teams and excellent game play. Uniform plan worked a treat.

    As you know by now Predator CG invested in the use of comms for teams and as such the communication in both teams was excellent. This will be a standard feature for all milsim events at Predator CG.

    Orders were given and followed to the letter. A good balance of skirmishing was had on the day and the scenario worked a treat, (DOWN TO THE PLAYERS!)

    Next one planned and ready to run. Details to follow;

    Green Hawk Down debrief:

    UN forces led by the Irish Defence Forces initiaited an incursion to root out and quell the rebel militia.

    Patrols discovered worrying signs of chemical warfare and a deliberate attempt to manufacture mass quanities. The main stock pie was never uncovered and believed to be held up in a secure but unknown location.

    After losing patience with the UN incursion the rebel militia made first contact and UN returned fire. It was decided that an agressive stance and more robust approach was needed.

    1200hrs - A rangers helicopter was shot down over enemy terrritory. The rangers team had escaped un hurt with the 2 packages they came for.

    1. The chemicals were secured in a hide in case of capture (this was later recoeverd by the Rebel Militia during hunting parties tracking the downed ranger unit sent in earlier on a covert OP.

    2. The intel on the laptop was safley returned to base.

    3. After arranging RV points, All personnel 'behind enemy lines were retrieved and returnded to base for debiref.

    The intel revealed that thias group had indeed been carrying out mass geniocide with evidence of mass graves. Some high priority targets were identified but ALL had escaped capture.

    A prisoner had been taken which revealed nothing of value (not surprising considering it was tom). The UN then learned it was the father of one so called 'Widow Maker'.

    A revenge attack on the UN base resulted in the loss of our intel (AND HOT WTAER FLASKS!! dirty dogs). AfTER SOME TIME THE FLASKS WERE RECOVERED FOR MORE COFFEE.

    O yeah... the laptop was recovered and a bonus was the capture of essential chemical used for dessimating targets by the Rebel Militia.

    This was not before a number of chemical attacks were carried out.

    The UN forces were playing catch up as intel which was scatty at best and actions were taken on a best guess approach.

    The UN base was attacked once more and a chemical explosion was detonated (EVENTUALLY - 'How do you use this detonator thing??') The base had to be evacuated.

    The rebel militia are still on the run and have gained momentum, increased and developed their weapns capability and are more determined to dominate the region with a reign of fear amongst the population.

    Worryingly intel reports that they have spread their wings to other regions and covertly creating major tensions between an otherwise peaceful cultural mix in the region.