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golfer's/tennis elbow?

  • 09-09-2013 3:01pm
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    Hey guys

    I've been playing a lof of golf this year and have noticed a sharp pain below my elbow on the outside of my arm when i bend my wrist in a certain direction or straighten my arm.

    First noticed the pain about 6 weeks back after playing a few games on squash and it went away while i continued to play golf however it's back after yesterday's round.

    Does this sound like golfer's eblow or tennis elbow to you? Any decent exercises I could be doing?



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    Sounds like Tennis Elbow which, despite it's name, you can get from golf as well as many other activities. Golfer's Elbow mainly affects the inside of the arm and elbow.
    It is caused mainly by the repetitive and frequent movements of the hands and wrists. You are more likely to get it from golf if you practice a lot because in normal play, you are not continuously swinging the club the way you do when practising. Of course it may not be caused by golf, (or tennis or squash), at all. I have a friend who developed it from playing the guitar. But I'd say the squash is the main culprit in your case.

    I developed it last year and was advised to spend less time at the driving range. It worked.

    Aspirin or Ibuprofen are good for the immediate pain.

    P.S. If it persists longer than a couple of weeks, you should see a doc.

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    Same as above got it from range, I think poor release and strangling the club didn't help for me.

    Went to Physio, got dry needling and an exercise program. Right now, key is to keep doing exercises, can be hard as you forget about it when no pain.

    Banging too many balls at range, never again. Caused me all sorts of issues I never had.

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    Maybe magnetic therapy can help. Here is a link. Personaly I haven't try this device, so I cannot recommend it. But you can still try it out.

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    I am a longterm sufferer of this issue and for me it is all related to golf.

    Getting physically stronger has helped me but too much practice and it comes back quickly. Practice matts in particular are a killer for it and I try to avoid them as much as I can.

    A theraband flex bar is worth getting. Plenty of youtube videos of demos on how to use the bar.

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    An over the top move followed by a chicken wing can lead to tennis elbow too, check the mechanics of the swing. If they are wrong and aren't fixed the tennis elbow can return after treatment

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    I have had tennis elbow in the past found this when other methods failed and have had no issues since.

    Takes a week or two to come around but well worth following for a few weeks.