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Studying harmony/counterpoint

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    Hi all,

    I am doing the harmony/counterpoint paper for the RIAM Associate diploma in Nov/Dec. I passed the practical and aural sections of the diploma no problem but have to re-sit this part for the second time. Can anyone recommend and books/tutorials that would help me along the way? I got 69% in the exam and need 75% to pass. The comments given to me were that a more in depth study of the grammar of these subjects are needed.


  • You probably have already but get and do as many past papers as you can,
    'Harmony in Practice by Anna Butterworth' and 'Harmony in Practice Answer Book by Anna Butterworth' make sure you get both the textbook and the answer book as they are sold separately.
    transcribe and write as much as you can.
    be neat,

    congrats on the aural by the way and best of luck in nov.