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Panic attacks - Is there a Support group in Dublin?

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    I've suffered from acute bouts of panic attacks a few times over the past 10 years, with all the associated agoraphobia and constant mounting anxiety. In the inter periods I'm largely OK. However at the moment I'm pretty ****ed. I've attended CBT sessions in the past and I know they are beneficial, however at 80 euro a pop they are expensive and it really depends on the quality of the therapist.

    As an alternative, does anyone know of a Pannic attack/Anxiety support group? These could be informal (sufferer directed) or formally organised by a therapist, whatever. I thought this type of thing would be easy to find but alas no. I realise this might fall on deaf ears, but hey its worth a shot.


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    Hey there,

    This forum is for offering general advice and support for people with phobias.

    If you want to know if there is a support group or other help available in your specific geographical location you should check with your GP, the golden pages or give it a google.

    All the very best. :cool:

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