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MSc in Global Financial Information Systems (GFIS)


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    I have just been accepted onto this course. If any feedback is available for this, I'd really appreciate it. Can I assume that this course is in its first year running? Any idea on registration?

    Unfortunately, I got stung over a year ago doing a 3 year course (unrelated discipline to this Masters) when it came to light it wasn't worth the paper it was wrote on and so I really don't want another year to go by doing something that may or may not have credibility. Reasons for this Masters are that I need a fast track to a decent and worthy qualification and the fact it has a 6month internship sold me.

    ANY information regarding it besides what is on Springboard/WIT is welcome. Thanks! :)

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    I work in an adjacent field in WIT and I think the GFIS programme is worthwhile if you wish to work in the Financial Services industry. It it very tightly focused and so if you are not interested in that industry you should look to something else. Last years graduates did very well- I gather all are placed in roles, with many on salaries a good deal higher than normal graduate roles.

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    I am looking into doing this course this year and I am just wondering if is it any good as I cant find much feedback on the internet about it!


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    Lads can anybody tell me what the interview was like for this. Any hints or tips for it and what to wear to the interview.

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    I thought it better to revive this thread rather than making a newer one.

    Is there any students from previous years who have done this course? besides whats on the WIT website there's not much information about the course.

    I'd like to hear some views on this course because I'm considering to apply for it I finished up a undergrad IT course in the WIT last year and I'd like to hear about other peoples experiences with it to see if it would be the right fit for me

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    Hey All
    Sorry for bumping an old thread .
    Does anyone have any more up to date info on this course?
    Is there decent jobs available after it etc
    Or is there better MSc's in business one would recommend in WIT?

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