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Dress code for RDS grooms

  • 29-07-2013 12:19am
    Registered Users Posts: 1,920 ✭✭✭ TG1

    I'm hoping for advice from any seasoned show grooms out there...

    I was asked by a friend of mine to groom for her at the RDS this year (sportsman class), showing is not my discipline, and she is totally new to it.

    We've done a few county and agri shows this year, so we know the format, but the dress code for these is a bit different from the RDS. What do I need to wear as a groom? I've read the little blurb on the website, but its not very specific so I was hoping someone who's been there done that could shed a little light on the subject?



  • Registered Users Posts: 157 ✭✭ ilovemarmite

    I'd go by what it says on their website pretty much. I have watched people groom at RDS last several years in various classes and they all seem to have trousers, jod boots or some kind of short neat country boots, light coloured shirt and gillet, can't remember if I have seen people wearing ties or not. If you have a tie bring it and maybe have a look at another class and if most of those grooms wear one then put it on :)

    Have fun, will be great grooming for a horse and rider at the RDS, best of luck to your friend in their classes too :)

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    You really just to look smart, But being practical is No.1.
    Weather will play a big part.

    99.99% of people don't even see you as its a Show Class for Horses:D

    I did 10 years up there and I can honestly say there were days when i looked like a Country Gent and days when I was more Worzel Gumich

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    Just make sure you are neat and tidy and you will be fine. I'd steer clear of wearing jeans and ensure your footwear is appropriate

    Weather will play a part it was lashing last year so I was wearing anything waterproof that I had to care with what it looked like once I was dry.