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Tournament post template

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    For tournament organisers, here's a post containing the information that should appear in the FIRST post of the thread.

    Posting your thread early and updating regularly is the best way to keep it in peoples minds.

    This will make it much easier for people to attend and enjoy your tournament.

    Thread title should have name of tournament, date, rough location and games being played in it

    Name of tournament Self explanatory.
    Date of tournament
    Location of tournament Including a google maps link is a good idea. Remember the more details the better. People may be travelling some distance to attend. Bus numbers/ train routes and directions from the local city centre etc.
    Which games are being played
    Platform of game People need to know so they can bring the correct controller.
    Rough time of kick off for each game or at minimum the order of the games.
    Cost of tournament

    Including all this information with as much time in advance as possible will really make it easier for people to come.

    Here are the currently widely used abbreviations used for most games:

    SSF4AE2012 - Latest Street Fighter 4 release
    UMvC3 - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
    BBCSEX - Blaz Blue Continuum Shift Extend
    P4AU - Persona 4 arena.
    TTT2 - Teken Tag Tournament 2
    IGAU - Injustice Gods Among Us


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