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OCing Experience with Haswell 4770k

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    Hey All,

    Ok I have my Intel 4770k for about two weeks now along with a MSI Z87-G45 board and a be quiet!Dark Rock Pro 2 cooler and 16GB Kit G.Skill Sniper PC3-14900U CL9 + 16GB Corsair PC3-12800 CL11
    I have been aiming for a stable 4.5Ghz which I think I have finally got but only with the case fans on full blast (gives about a -2.5 degree difference) but are noisy as hell so it would be nice if I could do without them but every time I tested without them on I would get a blue screen during the heat up phase. Before I did a delid mod I could not even boot into Windows @ 4.5 and was only psudo-stable at 4.3 Ghz. After the delid the temperatures droped dramatically as expected and has given me the extra wiggle room to reach 4.5. I have posted some pics below of the results of different stress tests pre and post deliding. The test ran was the 10 min sensor test in RealTemp which uses Prime95 running the In-place large FFTs setting running on 8 threads. Has anyone any tips for getting this baby up a few more Mhz or to make it more stable @ 4.5 so I don't have to use the case fans at top rpm's

    Open Comp

    [email protected] pre-delid

    [email protected] pre-delid


    [email protected] post-delid


    [email protected] post-delid


    [email protected] post-delid




  • Nice work there!

    How did you delid? Razor or vise? I just got my stuff and waiting on my case so I can start my build. I would be aiming for at least 4.5Ghz stable 24/7 as well so I am guessing I will have to delid to get there. It is a bit scary hehe. I work in a team of nerds and they all think I am crazy for even thinking about doing this hehe, they just dont know =)

  • I luv it when a plan comes together.

    Well done, seems stable at 4.5

    Liquid Cooling looks the go these days as it's become a no brainer for the enthusiast.

    My next rig will have liquid cooling, just to keep it a bit quieter.

  • @old_aussie: I've had many watercoolings rigs through the years and sometimes (very often) the "quieter" part is more of a myth and specially with the new Haswell's that run very hot. If you not going to overclock than you can really get it nice and quiet but otherwise you have been warned =)

  • Never followed up on this thread. Must have sliped under the convoluted mess that is my email inbox. I wanted to go with a water cool for this build especially with the price of the be-quiet block being in the range of them. That thing is huge so was a bit disapointed in the final scores. I settled at 4.4Ghz due to some problems when playing games for a long session. I wouldn't say my rig is any louder than a PS3 (original one at least) I'm also impressed with the on-die graphics since my trusty 8800gt gave out and am in the market for something new. It has no problems tying me over until then.

  • Your pc would be a lot quieter if you replaced that old case.

    Something like a nanoxia deep silence one would be leaps and bounds ahead of that antec in cooling performance, noise levels and features.

    No point sticking high end parts and cooling into an old inefficient case.

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