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Has "Living by one's Principles" become so rare that it is now "Hero Worshipped"

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    Hi All, I am new to this forum and am happy to be with you all. I live outside Ireland but closely follow all current affairs and news progs. from back home. I hope I have posted my topic in the right area, wasn't sure.
    Of course a lot of air time recently has been given the Lucinda Crayton for "sticking by her convictions" on the abortion issue and I felt I had to make a comment on this.
    It struck me as very very odd that the media (and the general public) should find it so rare to come across a politician that actually would do this (stick to their principles) that she has been practically "Hero Worshiped" for doing so.......what in all honesty does that say about what we have come to expect from most politicians. I was brought up to live by my principles and frankly (but naively perhaps) though the majority of people did so. Have the Irish people reached the stage that "no standards" is now the norm...as in "my word is my bond".
    I kept asking myself while watching interview after interview with Lucinda...."Why aren't you (the media) chasing the people who have seemingly "about turned" on their convictions and put them in the spotlight?
    Sorry for going on so long and thanking you for allowing me to get that off my chest. GB. all.

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