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Just did my dynasty draft...

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    Looking for feedback on my dynasty draft. It includes IDPs with no restriction on keepers (except you have to keep 3 of your 4 drafted rookies for the whole season). I'm pretty happy but happy to hear the contrary.

    Griffin III, Robert WAS QB
    Palmer, Carson ARI QB

    Brown, Andre NYG RB
    Forte, Matt CHI RB
    Ingram, Mark NOS RB
    Ivory, Chris NYJ RB
    Martin, Doug TBB RB
    Woodhead, Danny SDC RB

    Bowe, Dwayne KCC WR
    Britt, Kenny TEN WR
    Harvin, Percy SEA WR
    Jones, James GBP WR
    Woods, Robert BUF WR (R)

    Ballard, Jake NEP TE
    Myers, Brandon NYG TE
    Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE

    Hauschka, Steven SEA

    Williams, Kyle BUF DT
    Johnson, Charles CAR DE
    Long, Chris STL DE
    Williams, Mario BUF DE

    Briggs, Lance CHI LB
    Burfict, Vontaze CIN LB
    Jones, Jarvis PIT LB (R)
    Mingo, Barkevious CLE LB (R)
    Timmons, Lawrence PIT LB

    Cooper, Marcus SFO CB (R)
    Peterson, Patrick ARI CB
    Sherman, Richard SEA CB
    Branch, Tyvon OAK S

    Lineup is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 2 DL, 2 LB, 2 DB


  • How many teams in the league?

  • 12 team league. was an auction draft with $300 budget. biggest splurge was the Dougernaut at $75

  • Ok just some initial thoughts

    1. Not enamoured with your backup QB. Might be fine for your bye week cover this year but no realistic long term value.

    2. RBs are good, Forte and Martin will score for you

    3. Not enough depth at WR in my opinion

    4. Usually DEs outscore DTs so i dont see the purpose of having Kyle Williams on your roster

    5. LBs are weak considering LBs are usually the highest scoring IDPs.

    6. The rookie CB was deep this year and you selected Marcus Cooper. Unless you know something i dont there were a lot better options out there

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Drafted RG3 as my longterm QB. Palmer was purely drafted as a bye week fill in or an option if RG3 aint fit for the first few games.

    2. Like my RBs too. Think ivory may have a big year and will most likely be my flex option.

    3. I'm quite happy with WR. Percy will have a big year, especially now he has a quality QB. I also think that Bowe and Britt have potential to do something big this year. Woods is a long term investment.

    4. Thanks for advice on DL selections but this is my first year with IDPs so guess its a learning curve.

    5. Picked 2 of my LBs up in rookie draft so see them as an investment for future too.

    6. Marcus Cooper is gone already! Was picked up without proper research but picked up DeAngelo Hall on WW.