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Eircom Next Gen Broadband

  • 04-07-2013 6:00pm
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    Hi, just wondering that with the rollout of eFiber, will people still on old DSL be upgraded to Next Gen? Feeling a bit left behind here.


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    Someone in the Broadband forum might have a better idea, but as far as I can remember, no. NGB rollout was stopped to focus on fibre. The one exchange near me without NGB is getting fibre, but it is an urban area.

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    In short - no.

    All that's changing is the 'access network'.
    Fibre to home / fibre to kerb is known as "Next Generation Access" network.

    NGB refers to how your exchange is connect to the core network. The NGN (next generation network) is the new, all-IP backbone network. If you're on a non-NGN exchange, it means it's connected back over the older network and is likely to be quite a small exchange in a remote area or a very minor one.

    If you're in an area with fibre (NGA) your exchange has to be on the NGN so ADSL services would be "NGB" Next Generation Broadband.

    Loads of info here : (eircom site)

    Hope that helps!

    Sorry about all the NG* acronyms !


    Bear in mind that in some cases, the fibre cabinets are actually feeding data back to a major exchange in your area instead of your local voice exchange. So, for some very small exchanges, they may get e-fibre without ever being on the NGN for traditional broadband.

    There are quite a few very small exchanges around that are only cabinets themselves. Some of them had very limited backhaul so never offered NGB. One or two didn't even offer DSL at all!!

    In most cases they only serve a very small area and were added to provide extra lines in a new development / small village etc.
    In some of those cases, the new fibre cabinets feed data back to the main exchange in the area, not the tiny one.

    Those small exchanges are quite litterally just housed in two large cabinets. One holds the PSTN/ISDN (voice) gear and one holds the DSLAM (ADSL) gear (if present). They're not even a building. Litterally just a couple of large grey/white street cabinets.

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    I'm only speculating here and have no inside knowledge, but some people on low end ADSL and non Next Gen Networks (NGN) might benefit from eFibre.

    First of all as SpaceTime points out, some small exchanges might get eFibre VDSL cabinets, so people connected to these might jump directly from low end ADSL directly to eFibre VDSL and boy will those people be in for a threat.

    With so much fibre going in for the eFibre VDSL rollout, many smaller exchanges that currently don't have NGN backhaul might get upgraded to it from the closest VDSL cabinet.

    Also with so many costumers now moving from ADSL2+ to VDSL in urban areas, it might make a lot of sense for Eircom to move the now unnecessary ADSL2+ DSLAMS from the urban exchanges to the smaller rural ADSL onlyexchanges, thus giving people on them a theoretical boost from "upto" 8mb/s to 24/mb

    Now I wouldn't expect any of this to happen overnight, Eircom are currently focused on the VDSL rollout, but once things slow down with that, it will make sense for them to move things around on the network and maybe help beef up more rural areas.