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Player Analysis

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    Thought I'd start a general thread on player analysis for fantasy football. This could help both the pro fantasy players and the newbies looking to learn a thing or two. One thing I have been looking at is the QB position.

    So in recent years I've usually taken one of the top QBs if they are there, Rodgers, Brady Brees. If they aren't available, I go for an RB.

    Last year Cam Newton shot up the board to 1st round material on the back of his debut season. Obviously he didn't do so well last year, so he will drop, but when he clicks he has wonderful fantasy return.

    This year however we now have in my opinion 3 additional QBs to add to the traditional Top 3 that we got a glimpse of last year.

    - RG3 (recovering from injury)
    - Russell Wilson
    - Colin Kapernick

    Where do people see these guys going. Will these guys be better than saw a 3rd rounder like Stafford?