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Need help finding out how to tell which stamps are collectors only & not postage

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    Hi everyone i am a stamp collector i am looking for help on finding out which stamps are published for collectors & which ones are postage stamps i will list my stamps below . if anyone can help i will be thankfull to them

    I have South Affrican Congo wild animal stamps

    Iraq president Saddam stamp

    Marilyn Monroe

    Russian Army tank stamps & Space Russian Stamps

    Russian hellycopter stamps

    English stamps of the Beatles stamps

    Old disney stamps of Bambie , peter pan , pinoccho ,& a mix of old Disney stamps

    Titanic stamps 82 c ones

    1916 easter rising stamps

    Arthur Guinness stamps

    Melson Mandela Eire 30 stamp

    United states postage of country flags

    The simpsons stamps

    Elvis presley stamps

    horror stamps usa Dracula etc

    Usa man on the moon stamp

    Abreham lincoln stamp usa

    Old German nazi stamps

    Australian Dinosaure stamps