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Volunteers Required for Adare - October 12th

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    Registered Users Posts: 1,906 ✭✭✭ Kevinmarkham

    OK, so October is a long way off, but I'm playing in Tralee the day before so it tied in well. Plus you have plenty of time to prepare.

    I'm after three golfers who haven't played Adare before (home to the Irish Open for a few years) but would be able to play on Saturday 12th October at 9am.

    Usual details: handicap irrelevant - only requirement is that you can write and will spend half an hour in the bar afterwards.

    Photos here, if you need inspiration.

    Also, I'm playing Tralee in the Golf Digest Volvo Ireland event, at 12.20 on the 11th, so if anyone fancies playing one of the world's most picturesque courses and is willing to cough up €80, stick your name down.

    I played the event at Royal Dublin last Sunday - and it's great fun. Well worth the 80 quid IMO - check out the blog and you'll see why.