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openclassical - a better way to browse classical music on YouTube

  • 03-06-2013 7:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3 dClef

    Hi all. I'm a member of the openclassical team, and I wanted to share our project. The mission of openclassical is to categorize the history of classical music in a simple-to-navigate interface. So far we have listed the complete works of Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninoff so far, among others.

    Best of all, for each work we query YouTube dynamically, then match, filter and sort the results, making it very easy to listen to works you already love, or discover new things.

    Some of the results of our approach are really exciting - for example, we gather almost 100 complete performances of Beethoven's 5th Symphony in our results, which would be harder to find on YouTube manually.

    All feedback is welcomed. Hope you enjoy!


  • Excellent site, many thanks. Having heard Buribayev's rendition of Shostakovich's 5th on Friday, I was interested in some of the many performances on that site. Well done, must have taken a lot of work to collate them all! It'll never the same as a live performance but it's an excellent resource.

  • DownBeaten - thanks so much for the positive words!

    We actually generate our movie results for each work with code, analyzing results we get back from the YouTube api. We put a lot of time into this (writing the code that is), so that for any given composer & work, we filter, match and sort YouTube movies differently. We are really excited about the results we are listing so far!

    The rest of our framework (our curated database of composers and their works, and all related data and features) remains the focus of our efforts at the moment, as we are adding works every day so that each historically major composer is appropriately represented.

    We are driven by the idea of making classical music easier for people to learn about, especially those who live in places without access to classical music events.

  • Very interesting. I'm impressed that Alkan is there already!

  • Fantastic site!

    How do you determine the popularity of a given composer's works? I notice that Symphony no. 5 is not in Sibelius' top ten!

  • Thanks for the comments!

    Clinker - Alkan was one of the first composers we added all works - great someone else is a fan of his music.

    Eliot - our top 10 list is actually democratic. Every time a work page is viewed, it's viewcount goes up, and the Top 10 list reflects the most popular works viewed. It's very exciting to see the lists changing as more people discover & use the site, especially the most popular composers such as Beethoven.

    Do bear in mind that you can go to the 'All Works' tab for Sibelius to view & listen to works not listed in the Top 10. His 5th Symphony is here.

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