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Needle / syringe attacks Dublin abbey street

  • 02-06-2013 9:02pm
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    3 of my friends and i were walking to Connolly train station last week about 3 in the morning. When we were at the bottom of abbey street a guy about 5ft10" walked past with his hood up and scarf covering his face. He shouldered one of my friends to which my friend instinctively replied "prick" he started on him then I walked over and said here buddy just leave it because I'm 6ft4" and the biggest in the group. Then he took out a syringe, it was full of blood and said me do I want the virus. He walked over to my friend and
    Said give us €20 and Ill leave it. My friend ran and so did the rest of us. He followed us for a bit but then stopped presumably because its right beside the Garda station there. I didn't realise that at the time so I rang the guards. They we there in two minutes and brought me around in the van to see if I could find the guy but I couldn't see him
    Anywhere. Told this story to another one of my friends and they said their friend was
    Attacked near arnotts on abbey street.

    Was just putting this up here to see if this has happened to anyone else??? And to warn people just to be careful at night


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    It's a good few years ago now but I remember being threatened 'inside' the Iilac centre with a syringe.. Guy came up close one side of me.. His female companion the other and threatened to jab me if I didn't give him money... I refused as i actually had my busfare and that was it.. anyway and as we got closer to the entrance with the security guard they scarpered... It's a scary experience and some so OP i can sympathise.

    What I've noticed that in recent months there seems to be a lot of these zombie scumbags hanging around the quays at various point and in and around O'Connell St, Henry St, Abbey St areas... I have witnessed several of these individuals coming up to people aggressively begging trying to intimidate, I've been on the receiving end many times and refusal usually ends in some insult.. Last time this happened I just called store st and gave a description. Hopefully the DCC can work with the Guards to formulate something to keep this increasing problem from becoming a plague on the streets of our capital.. Good one you OP for the heads up.. Keep safe folks !