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Importance of bet tracking?

  • 31-05-2013 10:15am
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    How important do people consider the issue of tracking bets? What do you use to track your bets? I try to do it as much as possible but it can be hard to have the discipline to keep at it and few of my friends have the same problem. I think it is worth doing though. So what are peoples thoughts on tracking your betting?

    Do you track your bets? 13 votes

    I track my bets
    0% 0 votes
    I try and track my bets but I miss some because I forget or am too lazy
    61% 8 votes
    I tried tracking my bets in the past but it was too much hassle
    15% 2 votes
    I don't track my bets
    23% 3 votes


  • Closed Accounts Posts: 18,335 ✭✭✭✭UrbanSea

    Very important but not as good at doing it as I should be

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    How important is bet tracking? If you want to turn a profit over time, it's essential.
    You need to know your yield, your habits, what's working, what isn't. You have to try to consider your own betting strategies (and sometimes lack thereof) as another human variable to be considered alongside form of horses, footballer, whatever you're having yourself. You won't spot your mistakes without tracking, and you won't see what you're turning a profit on without tracking.
    Most punters I've met who don't track every bet tend to be delusional about a) how much they lose, b) how often they lose, c) how much they win and d) how often they win. Only a good record will tell the truth. People tend to be quite surprised when they first start properly tracking their gambling. Some quit off the bat when they see what they're actually losing. Some spot errors they weren't aware of making and correct it and improve their win ratios and returns.
    But if you're just punting for fun, why bother with spreadsheets, I suppose (unless they're fun to you.)

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,818 ✭✭✭Bateman

    Agreed, I start and then stop, just don't have the discipline
    Depending on your volumes though, even without tracking it is often possible, and sometimes fairly obvious, to spot where you are losing and where you are winning.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2 BetTransformer

    Yea the hardest thing is having the discipline to keep doing it, it can feel like too much hassle after a while even though I know I should be doing it. Especially as I believe it can be hard to make out how you are doing from bookmaker account histories. And lots of them don't let you see your full account history, e.g. they might only let you view 6 months of history.