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Subscribing to

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    Get even more out of your membership by subscribing today!

    You will get subscriber benefits like:

    • No banner advertising
    • Customised profile settings
    • Access to restricted forums
    • Exclusive discounts and competitions

    Why should I subscribe? I can use the site for free.
    Anyone can sign up to with an email address and take part in a discussion. We have a wonderful and irreplaceable system of Moderators who take care of their various areas making sure that the site flows as it should. However, to keep these discussions going we also need to cover costs of running the site. Your subscription helps us to keep Boards running to it’s current standard and allows us to aim for an even better

    What benefits do I get for subscribing?
    We offer some special extras for subscribers only:

    • No banner advertising
    • Custom avatars (90x90, non-animated)
    • Custom tagline
    • Different coloured user stars
    • Username changes
    • Increased Private Message space, 5000 instead of 500 messages
    • Ability to PM larger numbers of users at once, 15 instead of 5
    • Access to restricted forums including the Sex and Sexuality forum
    • Access to Subscribers and First Class lounge forums where we offer exclusive competitions and giveaways for Subscribers only*
    • Rewards for long term subscribers

    *Only available to subscribers who have subscribed for 3 months+

    How long do I have to subscribe for?
    We offer several different subscriber options. You can get most of the benefits above for the minimum 1 month subscription which includes the name change option. The current options and prices are:
    • 1 year - €50 (available as a one-time subscription or recurring annually)
    • 3 months - €13 (available as a one-time subscription or recurring quarterly)
    • 1 month - €5 (available as a one-time subscription or recurring monthly)
    To arrange any of these subscription options for your account, please go to

    What happens when my subscription ends?
    Custom avatars and any username change made will remain, all other benefits of being a subscriber will end with your subscription.

    How can I pay for my subscription?
    Payments are accepted through Paypal and you can pay using a credit card, a debit card or your paypal balance. Visit to make your payment.

    How can I check when my subscription ends?
    Visit the User Control Panel where you will see an option for ‘Paid Subscriptions’ on the bottom of the left side bar. This will tell you when your subscription ends or is due for renewal.

    How can I cancel a recurring subscription?
    To cancel a recurring subscription, please contact us on [email protected] and include your username. We can cancel the payment for you.

    What if I decide to close my account before my subscription period is up?
    Contact us on [email protected] and include your username. Please note site-banned members will not receive any subscription refunds.

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