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Harvester - The Blind Summit Recordings 12" 180gm Vinyl

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    Artist: HARVESTER
    Cat#: FFR003

    Release: JUNE 2013

    * 12” on 180gm Black Virgin Vinyl
    * 6 Songs – 30 Mins – 33 rpm
    * Thick card sleeve w/ spine and matte finish
    * Insert w/ lyrics and band portrait
    * Ltd 250 handnumbered copies
    * Mastered for Vinyl by James Plotkin
    * Download Code for original Hive Studio digital master

    Listen Here:


    HARVESTER is a stoner metal band from Galway in the west of Ireland. Formed in 2011 through a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Guinness they draw influence from the greats; Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Rory Gallagher as well as bands such as Graveyard, Torche and High On Fire etc.

    HARVESTER released “The Blind Summit Recordings” for free download in November 2012. Since then it has passed the 2000 download mark and featured on many a compilation and end of year “best of” lists for 2012. Having recently completed a short tour in the UK the band were personally chosen by Bill Kelliher of Mastodon as support for their two Irish dates in June 2013. Later in the year the band will embark on an Irish tour with German Krautrock/Post-punk trio Caudal.

    Essentially, Harvester play our favourite mix of Stoner, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Punk and Metal and Freak Flag Recordings is more than proud to present this mini-long playing record in a physical format. Please note that James Plotkin’s master is only available on the vinyl. The download code with the record contains the original digital version of “The Blind Summit Recordings”.

    Here’s what a few others had to say:

    Sludgelord: "The Blind Summit Recordings is simply put - ****ING AWESOME with a capital ****ING in-between. These guys seriously know how to write a top-notch tune with cracking vocals and riffs to match. Phil Lynott would be proud of these guys. ****ing Awesome."

    Heavy Planet: "A band that just totally kills. Harvester lay praise to their classic rock heroes Thin Lizzy as well as the steamrolling stoner metal punch of let's say High on Fire. Layer in a "**** you" attitude and you have the makings of one hell of an EP. The instrumental interludes are insane, from the punishing fury of opener "Cosmonautical Mile" to the twin guitar riffing on "Circle Eater" and "Old Blood" it is clearly evident that these dudes know how to rock. Grab a pint and crank this **** to eleven!"

    Paranoid Hitsophrenic: "Harvester is a high energy stoner band. They play balls out, charging through songs with an almost terrifying momentum… we'll get the door fixed after the album stops spinning. Overall it's a kick-ass EP, and I mean that in an almost technical sense. It's an up-tempo and high energy recording that mixes some excellent influences and gives each member of the band his moments to shine."

    Stoner Hive: "Blazing through six tracks of blistering stoner metal, Galway, Ireland based quartet Harvester combine the sweltering shredding leads of their homeland heroes Thin Lizzy with the sweaty caveman aggression and pounding rhythms of High on Fire. When the twain meet, The Blind Summit Recordings unleashes enough devastating energy to melt planets and topple intergalactic tyrants. They have nail-biting stoner leads and shift down for devastating and dark doses of doom.”


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