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Anyone else have problems buying tickets on the Royal Albert Hall site?

  • 21-04-2013 9:32pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3,745 Eliot Rosewater

    The 2013 BBC Proms Season was announced last Thursday, and I'm planning to buy tickets for the two Mahler concerts on the day they're released - May 11th - in the off-chance they sell out, and also to get good seats. However in the past I've had problems using my Irish-bank-issued Visa card on the Royal Albert Hall website; specifically, it always seems to refuse my non-British formatted address. My solution in the past (frantically made in the 20 minutes you have to buy your selected tickets!) has been to use, as their Visa cards don't have an address to check against, and so in this way you bypass the RAH's address problem.

    My question is: have other Irish concert-goers experienced problems booking through the Royal Albert Hall website? And, if so, do you have any better solution to mine?


  • I booked some tickets using Irish bank Visa this morning. Other than the wait to get into the booking system I had no issues.


  • Yeah, just booked a ticket there without a problem - they must have changed their setup since last summer. Onwards to Mahler no. 5! :)