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Seeking Advice from PhD's - Postdocs!

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    [Mods,I already posted this thread to another forum (Link: but now realise it might have been a better fit here. please feel free to delete the original post - Cheers LF]

    Hi All

    Just a quick question with regards to postdoc positions.

    Say that you completed your PhD using specific techniques, skills and equipment, can you then apply for a postdoc that is within the same domain but utilizes different equipment/skills?

    I.e. You did a sociology PhD on culture but wish to do a postdoc on the educational system.
    Or you did a clinical/medical PhD that never used a MRI - but you wish to apply for a postdoc that does?

    Hopefully someone can enligten me on this


  • Hi LF,

    The substantive area of my postdoc was a world apart from my PhD; I was hired for the methods I applied which were the same in both. The data were about two centuries apart, but I had used time series and clustering methods before, so it was an easy enough transition. I really enjoyed the break of getting into a completely different area after spending so long on my thesis. Also, projects are so varied and specific, it is quite unusual to get a perfect match between your existing work - although specific experience would doubtless give you an edge.

    There are plenty of people in my current workplace who have made bigger leaps than myself in terms of focus, so I wouldn't rule anything out. I think an awful lot comes down to interviews also - how well you might fit with the the PI or project team in terms of your approach to your work - as well as publication records, extra training and work experience.