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Street Performance - call for performers and artists

  • 02-04-2013 1:00pm
    Registered Users Posts: 3 D. Paris

    We are seeking musicians and dramatists/ actors to take part in a street performance in Dublin City in Mid-Late April coming.
    The contemporary music piece will attempt to draw attention to the terrible standards in which the people of Gaza exist day-to-day. We specifically need:
    1-2 stringed instrumentalists (harp and/ or 12 string guitar)
    1-2 brass instrumentalists (trumpet/ horn/ trombone)
    1 Actor/ Dramatist who can whistle!

    Several other performers with some sense of rhythm Any other musicians who are keen to take part, please contact us and we will accommodate you.

    About PATH (Performing Art Throughout Hatred):
    PATH aims to raise and expand peaceful thoughts between both Jewish and Palestinian civilians in Israel-Palestine. Through performance art, PATH spreads a message of acceptance, unity and brotherhood between our peoples. Above all, PATH demands and end to intolerance, hatred and violence between people belonged to the same land. PATH is an open place for artists who accede to this vision, and want to exhibit their artistic creation and Musical pieces.

    See our last event here : https:/ / watch? v=SeAoC4J7bWk