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licentiate diploma piano with Royal Irish Academy of Music

  • 27-03-2013 4:17pm
    Registered Users Posts: 14 ✭✭✭ rhiannon red

    im currently working towards grade 9 with the central london academy of music. after this, i plan to do grade 5 theory and the associate diploma with the central london academy. however, i would like to do a licentiate diploma and fellowship diploma with the royal irish academy of music. would i be able to switch schools and how much of a step up would it be. also, for the licentiate with the royal irish what wuold i have to do? what pieces would i have to play?


  • your best bet would be to contact RIAM directly...they have full syllabus in their website so you can check that for pieces/repertoire, but if you send them an email they will be able to advise you properly.

  • The LRIAM is quite tough - not a walk in the park. If you have a strong background in music theory, ear skills and history that side is a walk in the park - if not, you might find it tough. The practical however, is very tough. I actually went back and did an ARIAM (on organ) after failing the practical for LRIAM but getting 100% on non performance side. This did help bring me up to standard and I got it easily on repeat - thus ending up with both diplomas.

    I think it might be still possible to take the two parts separately? Unsure. contact the RIAM directly. The LRIAM is not an easy diploma, in my day it was certainly well ahead of both LTCL and LRCM but easier than Associated Board.

  • You can certainly switch schools and exam boards, but you need to contact RIAM directly to see how your current knowledge would place you on their system.

  • Also, since you mention a fellowship diploma, I'm pretty sure the RIAM don't offer one.

    You'd be better off doing an LTCL or LLCM I'd say...most people would agree that they are better qualifications (especially abroad) in any case.