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Autodesk Inventor 2013 project help

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently in the middle of an end of year project in Autodesk Inventor 2013.

    50% is a rotary to linear motion device, that's not a problem. The other 50% involves designing your own piece of machinery or equipment.

    I'm making a wood shredd/chipper, industrial style design, with a sheet metal feed tray into two infeed rollers which feed matter into the single cutting roller and output to a tube using a pneumatic system.

    At the moment I'm not having any problems other than the design of the rollers.

    The system of rollers I am using looks like a 2 high mill followed by the single cutting roller. I'm trying to figure out whether I'm better off using:
    • two cylinders for the infeed rollers and one cylinder for the cutter
    • two splined cylinders and one splined cylinder
    • two shafts with a line of gears on them and the same for the cutter

    Here's an example of what I'm making: