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Oh Ladbrokes

  • 14-03-2013 9:02pm
    Registered Users Posts: 10,546 ✭✭✭✭ okidoki987
    Registered User

    Sponsors of the World Hurdle today at Cheltenham and one of their main races of the year.
    In the RP today, it was stated by Ladbrokes that they would be 6/1 the field in their race.
    Fancied Oscar Whisky so went to have a bet at 9am only to discover price had moved to 4/1.
    Fair enough prices move but would have thought they would do what Hills do and limit the stakes (Hills limit their priority prices to £10 per person!).

    Later on got a call from a friend who had to go to a long meeting and asked me to use his account to have a bet with them on the same horse.
    Told him price had gone and he told me to take whatever price they were as he had a balance on the account.
    He wanted €1,000 on it so I went his account and tried to back it at 4/1 for 1k.
    "Stake too high" it came back so tried all the amounts until it accepted the bet and the amount it took was €740 at 4/1.
    Tried another couple of horses just to see and again same problem, messed around with the stakes until it would accept the bet.
    It looks like they would only stand a horse for 3k on one of the biggest races of the year :eek:
    That is crazy and the worst part of it was they were 4's and there was 9/2 in most other places, so it wasn't that they were top price or anything!
    Yes they probably laid it at 6's but they were the sponsors?
    Mate told me he didn't have any money in any other account to back it at 9/2.


  • Registered Users Posts: 12,663 ✭✭✭✭ ninebeanrows
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    Is your mate a good punter?

    What you describe is probably just the standard account set-up. If your mates a mug, itll allow bigger stakes, if not they will likely restrict his account or even shut it down.

    Best give them a call in the future if that happens. But winning accounts won't stay open for long, hence why exchangees are the way forward.