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Bowling equipment

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    just wondering where in Ireland you can get someone to fit bowling lanes etc. Where do the various centres go to kit out their place with the various lanes, seats, scoring systems etc??

    Thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    I am not sure off the top of my head, but i will ask around and see if i can get you anyinformation.


  • Google bowl tech or any of the bowling sites

  • Hi ,new on here so sorry for jumping in to your post .I am looking for a bowling pin for my dad .He was a keen ten pin bowler in his day and now he lives in a Care Centre .Where he lives now they are setting up a thing called a "Memory Box" ,this essentially tells the staff and vistiors a story of a persons life ,well a small story and gives a strting point for conversations .I have his Ball which is too heavy to go in the box .So the next best thing is a PIN .So if you have or know anyone who has one I would be willling to swap it for the ball .

  • Ask to speak to the manager of a bowling centre, you may even get one for free. When I worked in a bowling alley we had loads of old pins lying around. It may not be shiny and polished but it will be a pin. :)

    Edit: you caulk also try contacting these people, they may just post one to you. Other than that, try EBay. Amazon UK don't sell bowling pins but they do sell bowling badges, mugs and other bowling associated trinkets.