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    Hello All

    From time to time I come across requests for surf music here on the boards. So, after discovering a couple of tracks this weekend that are definitely associated with the sport, I thought I might try putting them on their own thread here in Alt/Indie land to see if there is any interest.

    First Track:

    Title: El Gato
    The Band: The Chandelles
    The Sound: Surf Music (obviously)
    ... From what I gather this track is kind of hard to find...

    Second Track:
    From Psychedelic Desert Groove (1996)

    Title: Unknown
    (If someone could find the title to this track that would be great)
    The Band: Yothu Yindi
    The Sound: Australian Indie Rock (Aboriginal)
    At Time: 35:54 - The other tracks are pretty good too...
    Wikipedia: Yothu Yindi


  • ... For those who might be interested in the track from Psychedelic Desert Groove I mentioned in the first post, here's the full information.

    The Track: Djatpa
    The Band: Yothu Yindi

    This track worked real well at the end of the film which showed some of the most intensive surfing.

  • ... From Japan.. Two tracks...

    Title: Samurai Struck
    The Band: The Surf Coasters (from Japan)
    The Sound: Alt/Indie/Surf

    And, for those who might be a little more adventurous....

    Title: Black Room
    The Band: Jun Mayuzumi
    The Sound: Pop/Beat/Bossa Nova

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  • Surf seems to be (or was) big in japan. A pretty big band called Blankey Jet City were very surf tinged.

    Also, for modern surf check out Bambi Molesters. The best surf band working today according to one of REM.