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iPad 3 or Nexus 10

  • 19-02-2013 1:57pm
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    I decided to have a spring clean last week and take a whole bunch of CD's and DVD's I'll likely never watch again, as well as games etc, ir order to make some room as frankly I've bought far too much stuff over the years. I took everythign to CEX and I now have enough in vouchers to buy a tablet which I kind of want.

    They have pleanty of ipad 3's for sale, however a friend reccomended the nexus 10 instead (which currently is not in any CEX store I've seen so there may be a wait if I decide to get that).

    What I like about the Nexus from what I've seen is the HDMI out, so I can play stuff on it and link it to my 50" plasma. I believe there is a mini USB port where you can hook up gamepads etc which again is fab. And I like the idea of having a new toy which isn't Apple, as my Phone is an iPhone.

    The screen quality and camera appears to be a draw from all the reviewes I've read.

    The iPad would be good because I can transfer my existing purchases (App games etc) not to mention the music that is currently sitting on iTunes on my computer, which would be handy. It also has the coolness factor, frankly.

    It's smaller in size than the Nexus (although a bit heavier apparently) has a slightly smaller screen (9.7" vs 10") and althoug hte Nexus has 2gb as opposed to the iPads 1gb RAM, apparently they operate at roughly the same speed.

    has anybody here had hands on experience with both?



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    Bought a Nexus 10.

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    Enjoy it :)


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    where did you buy it, they seem thin on the ground here in Ireland ?

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    where did you buy it, they seem thin on the ground here in Ireland ?

    Only available direct from the Google Play store, best bet to order via UK Play store.
    (same process as ordering Nexus 4 - see thread in android forum).

    Great device, well worth the hassle of ordering and I much prefer over iPad.

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    I got mine off an eBay seller.

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