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MOVED* [Tier 1] Op Orchid Dawn, STANTA, 16-18 Aug 2013

  • 18-02-2013 12:03am
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    In aid of the charity ORCHID - Fighting Male Cancer, Warrior (UKAZ) in association with TIER 1 Military Simulation Ltd is proud to present Operation ORCHID DAWN.

    This event will be the first collaboration between TIER 1 and Warrior and we aim to raise as much money for our chosen charity as possible. The event will be a unique addition to a TIER 1 ongoing storyline and we hope to make this an annual event.

    The charity ORCHID exists to save men’s lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through a range of support services, pioneering research and promoting awareness.


    This will be a 24hr TIER 1 OBUA COMBAT OPERATION.

    Location: SPTA, Copehill Down OBUA Village (CDV), Shrewton Road, Chitterne, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. BA12.

    Date: 24 – 26 May 2013

    Cost: £85

    We have invited a group of up to 40 role-players who will be dedicated to playing a Civilian Population (CIVPOP) throughout the event in the village.

    Al Qaeda Terrorists: 10 places.
    Insurgent Fighters: 75 places.
    Uniform Requirements: Traditional/local Dress where possible. You can wear a civilian/military mix, OD, Tan and Black, but please do not turn up looking like a US PSD operator. You should be thinking tactically in terms of your clothes and their colours etc. Please, No baseball caps!
    ABSOLUTELY NO Multicam, Desert, MARPAT, AOR 1 or ACU. You will be asked to change out of them.

    Mobility Troop, D Squadron, Special Air Service (SAS) – 30 places.
    B Squadron Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) – 15 places.
    Special Forces Support Group (SFSG) – 30 places.
    Uniform Requirements: Multicam, MTP, Desert, MARPAT, AOR 1.

    Players will be required to bring the right kit to last the duration in the village – tactically. You will need to bring all your own food and water and the means to cook with. You will have to carry everything you need with you into the village, i.e. in a bergen/deployment bag. We will provide squad and platoon level radios for both sides; inter-squad radios you will need to bring yourself.

    For further information please contact John (Warrior) – or via PM / Ed –




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    We are organising a bus to and from this game. If anybody want to get on board feel free to get in touch. Cant wait to get back to Copehill!

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    [On behalf of Warrior]

    "It is with sincere regret that we have to inform all that this event is cancelled.

    This is due to the MoD withdrawing our allocation of Copehill Down Village (CDV) on this date: 24 - 26 May 2013, due to a higher priority training requirement by the armed forces.

    Although we are incredibly disappointed, we also understand the importance and prioritisation of our armed forces who are training for theatre and there are not any further available dates at CDV until August 2013.

    However, we are working tirelessly to find another suitable Urban venue to still host Operation ORCHID DAWN at the end of May and we are currently waiting to hear back from Eastmere Village at STANTA and also the SWYNERTON MoD Training Camp in North Staffordshire.

    As soon as we have news on the above venues, we will announce it immediately.

    Should we be unsuccessful in finding a suitable alternative venue, we will stage Operation ORCHID DAWN at the now confirmed and mighty AREA 19 on the Salisbury Plain Training Area. 28 - 30 June 2013.

    AREA 19 boasts three individual Urban training facilities which form a large triangle on the plain around 1.5km apart. We are in talks with a large group of military vehicle enthusiasts who have a host of soft skinned and tracked vehicles we are cleared to use on the plain. We are also aiming to offer helicopter insertion(s) and egress via a fleet of military helicopters including 3 x MH 6 Little birds with side platforms as seen in Blackhawk Down as well as 2 x Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters.

    Full details and prices will be released as soon as SPTA Air Operations have cleared the airspace and use of the helicopters for us. Should they not clear the airspace we will unfortunately not be able to provide this method of transport during the event.

    All operators who have booked on for Operation ORCHID DAWN at CDV may receive a full refund or transfer their payment across to the event on AREA 19 at the end of June, should we not be able to find a suitable replacement venue for the preferred May date.

    We apologise profoundly, especially to the large group(s) of players who have booked on and attending from Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    We hope you understand that there is nothing we can do to change the situation and this is always the risk one has to accept when using MoD training facilities. This is the first time out of the 6 times we have used high profile MoD training facilities that we have lost our allocation. Let us hope it is the last.

    Please email me on the address below regarding all questions and refunds.


    Ed & Warrior"

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    Thank you for your continued patience regarding Operation ORCHID DAWN. We are still waiting to hear back from STANTA and Swynerton. We will know about Swynerton on Friday 12 April and about STANTA on Monday 15 April.

    As soon as we have answers either way we will let you all know immediately.

    TIER 1

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    Dear All,

    As you will all know we've been having problems with a site for Op Orchid Dawn in May, so with regret it's been decided to postpone the event and move it to:

    9-11 August at STANTA's Eastmere Village.

    We understand the frustration that you might have about the event but we can only apologise for events that were out of our control which lead to this decision being made. We apologise profoundly, especially to the large group(s) of players who have booked on and attending from Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    All operators who have booked on for Operation ORCHID DAWN at CDV may receive a full refund or transfer their payment across to the new date at STANTA in August.

    If you wish to request a refund for the event then please email Ed on the address below regarding all questions and refunds.

    Warrior & Ed

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    For those who have never been or don't know, Eastmere village has been knocked up to appear more like an Afghan village. It has a mixture of buildings like you'd find at Ceilini village in SENTA, or Copehill Down, but more often than not walled in as compounds, and buildings knocked up to resemble Afghan compounds, slum rat-runs with alleyways all over the shop, etc.

    Google maps link

    Interesting place. Good fun.

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    Once again we have been hit with the unlucky stick by the MoD and we have lost our date at STANTA: 9 - 11 August 2013.

    However, we have now been given a new date which is the weekend after: 16 - 18 August 2013.

    Once again we apologise for any inconvenience (sigh) and we hope you all can make this new date.


    TIER 1

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    (Not sure if you have to be logged in to FB to see these, but it's worth a try.)
    TIER 1 would like to say a massive THANK YOU to ALL who attended - Operation ORCHID DAWN
    The Operation was a HUGE success from my point and the entire team at TIER 1.

    The event was initially planned for the May Bank holiday and to take place at Copehill Down Village on SPTA. Unfortunately we lost the allocation due the military needing the facility for operational training. This was a massive blow as the event was sold out and a huge contingent from Northern and Southern Ireland had booked on for their first TIER 1 Combat Operation.

    As this event was in aid of the charity Orchid (Dealing with cancer for men), we dug deep and worked tirelessly to find another appropriate site. Having worked closely with the booking team from STANTA, they allocated us a date in August at Eastmere village.

    Eastmere village is the Middle Eastern FIBUA Village on the STANTA range and has got to be one if not the best current theatre sites to operate on. The site is such a pleasure to work with and adds to the immersion of the scenario more than any other facility we have used.

    Unfortunately bad news came along again and we lost our allocation for early August. Just about ready to bin the operation, STANTA called me and informed they had an opening for 16 - 18 August 2013 and would we like to have it? YES!! Was the answer and I called Warrior to let him know the good news.

    Warrior (UKAZ) approached TIER 1 last year with the idea of staging an event for charity and we happily agreed to this. After the success of the event and having raised well over £1000 for Orchid, we plan to make this an annual event. Let's hope the allocation of a site goes smoother next year.

    So the event itself, from our point at TIER 1, it was one of if not the best urban events we have staged in terms of scenario, immersion and sportsmanship. The level of the latter was of the highest standard. Our loyal player base is now large enough on both sides to ensure the operation(s) are played as they should be and this reflects across the board. New players quickly up their game if they need to as cheat callers and bad sportsmanship stands out a mile. We do not tolerate it and we would rather have 20 excellent players over 100 mediocre ones. So a massive thank you to all that attended. You made our job very easy and we were able to concentrate on the operation itself.

    I won't give a blow by blow account of Operation ORCHID DAWN as much has been said already on FaceBook and elsewhere, but we were able to cram a huge amount of great stuff in for both the RED and BLUE Force(s).

    Both sides kicked off with deployment orders followed by the RED Force occupying allocated buildings within the village whilst the BLUE Force moved to and occupied a DOP away from the village. This was followed by an immersive patrol in to a Forming Up Position (FUP) all in thick fog before first light.

    From the FUP the BLUE Force cordon groups moved into position followed by the assault teams who were to conduct the break in to the village iot* secure several compounds to be used as Patrol Bases (PB). The RED Force ambush and assault teams moved to their positions whilst others occupied key compounds. Before the BLUE assault force were able to reach their final positions a para flare illuminated the sky and a huge contact kicked off. Around 2 hours later the assault teams had managed to breach and clear the compounds of interest and the BLUE force got their foothold. The RED force disappeared back into the shadows to the sound of the call to prayer ringing out across the entire village.

    The Blue force then had their kit dropped off once the area was secure and from their small PB's they were to carry out their mission.

    The Blue Force(s) mission:


    The Red Force(s) mission was to carry out that bombing campaign.

    This set the tone, the atmospherics and pace of operations for the remainder of the event right up until ENDEX at 12:00hrs on Sunday.

    There were so many more incidents, including a Shura, IED strikes, mortar attacks, a suicide bomber, close quarter fighting, several compound searches and assaults using explosive entry techniques by the BLUE Force both during the day and in the dead of the night. It was non stop for both sides.

    Full credit to all the people that attended the operation and made it through until the end. Most were still giving it their all right up until the last moments. The event was designed to be realistic, challenging both physically and mentally but above all, a great deal of fun. I am confident we achieved all of those criteria.

    I would like to thank all of the players that entered into the spirit of the scenario, got immersed in the role play and played the game as it was intended. We had players from all over the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands and all played with the highest level of sportsmanship. We are very fortunate that our events do attract mature and honest players and for that we are extremely grateful.

    A massive thanks to Tommo and Razor for their flawless leadership of the RED Force. To Lex for running the front of house. To Kelvin, Robbie and Mark for their support of the command and control required.

    I need to say a huge thank you to both the Duncan's and their support teams on the battle sims and pyro they provided. It was the best we have had to date. Also a massive thank you to the entire TIER 1 team and friends for your tireless work behind the scenes and the mammoth clear up that has to take place afterwards. Without you, TIER 1 would be nothing.