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Predator Combat Games El Horno (MILSIM) 23rd Feb 13

  • 17-02-2013 3:50pm
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    Hi folks.

    Made a big boo boo. I forgot to put this up on Boards.

    Milsim event (Day event).

    Ammo limits;
    AEG 700rds in field.
    Sniper 300rds in field
    Support 1000rds in field
    Side arm ammo counted in overall amount.

    We are not insisting on midcaps however we will monitor and check for correct load outs.

    Medic Rules Apply.

    Spare ammo kept in uncap.

    Gates open 0930hrs

    Finish 1700hrs

    Lunch on the run. Bring packed lunch as game will not stop. This can be kept in Uncaps. Eat it in uncap or in game.


    Cartel De la Droga Columbia 60% size

    Policia Nationale De Columbia 40% size

    Price £15 for the day. OR Stay and play on Sunday also and its Only £25. Camping available and free.

    Hope you have nothing better to this weekend. If you have SHAME ON YOU! lol

    Hope to see you up. We realize this is short notice but better late than never.


    EL HORNO, Colombia — For the first time in a decade, rebels and the government of Colombia came together for formal peace talks on Wednesday, with the goal of ending the longest-running war in the Western Hemisphere — nearly 50 years old and counting.
    [email protected] international breaking news and headlines.
    Twitter List: Reporters and Editors

    Stephen Ferry for The New York Times
    Verónica Truque, 11, in her home in El Horno, across from a coca field. Cross-fire punched holes in a wall.

    The New York Times

    Despite three previous rounds of failed negotiations since the 1980s, many observers say there are reasons to hope that this time things could be different, including recent military successes by the government that have the guerrillas on the defensive.

    But the negotiations must not only convince members of theRevolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, one of the world’s most tenacious armed groups, to finally lay down their weapons. They also aim to dismantle a major criminal enterprise that derives much of its income from drugs and is a prime source of cocaine to the United States.

    For many in the organization, known as the FARC, the drug profits may be simply too rich to leave behind.

    “The trick is to get the guy who is in charge of a front that’s getting tens of millions of dollars a year, has a lot of local power and is doing business” with other traffickers “to actually give it up,” said Adam Isacson, a senior associate of the Washington Office on Latin America, a research group.


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    Sounds great, would of loved too attend but a bit short notice for me:(

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    Rooky1 wrote: »
    Sounds great, would of loved too attend but a bit short notice for me:(

    What he said :(

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    I know thanks anyway for responding lads. We will be having more. I promise to get them up sooner.

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    Thx all for attending our milsim event.Gaming was xcellent, players had great craic.

    As always gaming and scenarios are down to the players and how well it is followed.

    We are planning another for later in the year maybe June. We will keep you up to date.