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Fallout: Redemption.

  • 08-02-2013 3:35pm
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    Fallout: Redemption

    The first in what will hopefully be a series in post apocalyptic, gang warfare themed airsoft games!

    Place - FRV, Northern Ireland -
    When - 4th August 2013

    More details to follow, including the storyline and general game info. What I can tell you is the game is based on Fallout New Vegas, and will contain characters and themes from the game. Even if you don't know anything about fallout, this is your chance to experience a post apocalyptic scenario, were survival is everything, and every choice and fire fight you have will effect the outcome for everyone.

    More to follow...



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    Keep up to date with Fallout: Redemption on facebook -

    There will be limited spaces available for this game, so keep an eye out for when booking opens to make sure you get a spot!

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    The story - part 1

    When atomic fire consumed the earth those who survived did so in great underground vaults. When these vaults opened their inhabitants set out across the ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages and form new tribes.

    As the decades passed, what had been the American Southwest united beneath the flag of the New California Republic, dedicated to old-world values of democracy and the rule of law. As the Republic grew so did its needs. Scouts spread east seeking territory and wealth in the dry and merciless expanse of the Mojave Desert. They returned with tales of a city untouched by the warheads that had scorched the rest of the world and of a great wall spanning the Colorado River.

    The NCR mobilized its army and set it east to occupy the Hoover Dam, and to restore it to working condition. But across the Colorado another society had arisen under a different flag, a vast army of slaves forged in the conquest of 86 tribes: Caesar's Legion.

    Four years have passed since the Republic held the Dam - just barely - against the Legion's onslaught. The Legion did not retreat, across the river they gathered strength, campfires burned and training drums beat.

    Through it all, the New Vegas Strip has stayed open for business under the control of its mysterious overseer Mr House and his army of rehabilitated tribes and police robots.

    4 Years on, the Legion have regained their strength and used the abilities of but one simple courier to manipulate the powers within the Mojave to aid in their final goal – complete domination and enslavement of the Mojave. It is not known how this courier managed to gain access to the lucky 38 casino where Mr House lived, but once he did, he silenced Mr House and destroyed what was Mr House’s security robot force.

    Once Mr House’s bots were down and Mr House out of the picture the only thing standing between Caesar and the Mojave were the NCR, but the NCR had spread their forces thin trying to keep a grip on the Mojave and keep the gangs of bandits and raiders under control.

    Caesar took this opportunity and attacked the dam with all he had. His legate led his troops through a bloody and epic battle from which the Legion barely came through victors. The NCR are in full retreat back to shady sands and have completely abandoned the Mojave waste lands. The Legion although victorious suffered massive loses, they are currently unable to move into the surrounding towns and villages in force to fully occupy the new Vegas area.

    Knowing exactly what the Legion has planned for them the Mojave's residence has had to take up arms to defend themselves after the NCR’s failure. Many are flocking into towns and villages to band together in the fight, in the hope that someone amongst them will lead them in their defence against the ever present slave traders and raiding gangs.

    Once Mr House and his army of upgraded security bots had been destroyed, it took only hours before the Strip descended into chaos. Without him controlling the families running the casinos on The Strip, they soon returned to their old tribal ways and have turned The Strip into their own war zone, battling over control of what’s left while leaving The Strip one of the most dangerous places in the Mojave to be.

    People resistant to the Legion have had to use towns and landmarks around New Vegas instead of The Strip, which would have been the ideal location to mount a resistance given its well-fortified walls and nearby military base, camp McCarran, which has a massive armoury of weapons left by the NCR who left too quickly to take much with them.

    Those NCR troops who did try to carry supplies were slowed down and left behind by the rest of the retreating NCR. These soldiers were soon picked off by small raiding gangs and their supplies stolen, giving the local gangs the fire power they had been lacking. Troops who weren't attacked took shelter where they could in abandoned buildings and opened Vaults, in a hopeless attempt to try and survive the horde of Legion that would soon come.

    More to follow...

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    Storyline art Two
    One town which has had a large number of resistance fighters flood in is Novac, with walls already built and a dinky dinosaur tower to keep watch, it is the perfect position to mount a defence and build a base to fight back. The fighters there, mostly locals and civilians, have little combat experience and no clear leadership. Until recently they have relied on scavenging to find supplies for their camp, without much success. Luck struck one day though, when a group out scavenging stumbled upon one of the old vaults. They wandered in, hoping to find food and weapons, but instead stumbled upon something that could be much more important. Lying in the fault, nearly dead from exhaustion, dehydration and a severe head injury, lay a man, dressed as an NCR soldier.
    Using the last of their medical supplies, the Novac scavengers treated the man and brought him back to Novac were he regained consciousness. The Novac scavengers had found an NCR General, one of the few who survived the battle at the damn. The NCR general did his best to explain what had happened to him, but he had lost large chunks of his memory with his head injury. His last memory was of him stumbling into the vault, and writing a half finished note. A note he is unable to finish, at least without his memory.

    With no memory of his name, the Novac people took to calling him The General. With the Generals strength returning the townsfolk increasingly looked to him for leadership.
    Looking around at the destroyed Dino-store and broken down walls, the General clearly saw the despair in the eyes of the young, and the broken souls of the old haunted the town like homeless ghouls. Could he ever help Novac to thrive, or was mere survival all they would ever be destined for, as they would never hope for such a thing as hope as long since forsaken this place.

    While the General remembered nothing of himself he still knew how to lead men, whether destiny or luck brought him to this place, he now has a renewed propose.
    The people of Novac where made up of refugees from across the waste land with very little in the way of fire power. With no more than a handful of pistols, shotguns and a few sniper rifles they unsuccessfully defended their town against well armed gangs looking for their next fix.
    The General organised these men and women into a force capable of fighting of these raiders. The snipers on the remains of the old Dino-store tower returned to see off most of these raiders and the well placed trenches helped see off anyone that made it close.
    After successfully seeing of multiple attacks by the raiding gangs, the towns moral was at an all time high, but would this ever be enough? After finding a supply cash in the old Repcon Factory, caps would not be a problem, but the towns stocks of food and water are all but gone, this and the lack of fire power, the townsfolk have no option but to look outside their borders.
    The General sent out small scouting parties in the hope of making contact with traders and luck was to be on their side....
    More to follow...

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    The Factions

    We had planned on giving all the faction details after the storyline has been fully released, but as registration is opening for this game in the near future, we though we would give you a look at all the factions/characters for the game, to help you decide which faction you would prefer to play on and give you tons of time to get the sewing machines out for the costumes! Feel free to ask questions in the question section, but do bare in mind we may not be able to answer everything until the storyline has been fully released.

    Crimson Caravan Company

    Lead by - McLafferty

    Camo - Tan/desert type camo. Brown based costumes please!

    In the Crimson Caravan Company you are employed as a trader. Your job description is pretty vast, from delivery of packages, recovery of items, by force if needed, caravan security, HQ security, anything the Crimson Caravan Company may need of you, including putting 'pressure' on competitors... :ak47:

    Pay - Employees are paid upon successful deliveries by the customer.

    Gun Runners

    Lead by - Curtis

    Camo - Green based camo. Green based costumes please!

    Just like the Crimson Caravan Company, Gun Runners are employed as traders. Job description is also pretty much the same. The Gun Runners will do whatever it takes to be the best, and put competition out of business. It tends to employ ex soldiers or those with combat experience. Gun Runner employees tend to 'serve less time' than those of other trading companies.

    Pay - Employees are paid upon successful deliveries by the customer.

    Novac Militia

    Lead by - The General

    Civilian based clothing. Costumes like vault suits or wastland type outfits.
    MUST HAVE A SECOND WEAPON - either pistol/shotgun/sniper. AEG as a primary weapon is preferred for this faction.

    Novac Militia are locals who live in the area. Forced to band together to defend their homes by the threat of Legion enslavement. As a member of the town you will be tasked with its defense, both of the town itself and the area around it. Assisting traders were needed, and completing any tasks required from the General. Your day will start out tough, so be prepared!

    Pay - Thanks to a few locksmith reader magazines and a few bobby pins Novac got themselves a nice stockpile of caps. The General pays the militia for tasks completed or time spent doing a task, usually being paid half hourly. This may be the towns darkest hour, but even with their own life's at stake, a little financial incentive goes a long way!


    Civilian clothing / gang costumes. Makeshift armor. Gangs can work together to set a themed costume for their particular gang. MUST WEAR A SHEMAGH of any colour.

    As a gang member, your interests and hobbies include raiding and pillaging any local towns or businesses, attacking people traveling the locals roads, and trying to dominate over the other rival gangs in the area.

    Pay - Raiders don't work, you get to keep what you can steal though!.


    Lead by Hidebarks

    Civilian clothing / gang costumes. Makeshift armor. Gangs can work together to set a themed costume for their particular gang. MUST WEAR A SHEMAGH of any colour.

    As a gang member, your interests and hobbies include raiding and pillaging any local towns or businesses, attacking people traveling the locals roads, and trying to dominate over the other rival gangs in the area.

    Pay - Raiders don't work, you get to keep what you can steal though!.


    Civilian clothing / gang costumes. Makeshift armor. Gangs can work together to set a themed costume for their particular gang. MUST WEAR A SHEMAGH of any colour.

    As a gang member, your interests and hobbies include raiding and pillaging any local towns or businesses, attacking people traveling the locals roads, and trying to dominate over the other rival gangs in the area.

    Pay - Raiders don't work, you get to keep what you can steal though!.


    Lead by Slinger

    Civilian clothing / gang costumes. Makeshift armor. Gangs can work together to set a themed costume for their particular gang. MUST WEAR A SHEMAGH of any colour.

    As a gang member, your interests and hobbies include raiding and pillaging any local towns or businesses, attacking people traveling the locals roads, and trying to dominate over the other rival gangs in the area.

    Pay - Raiders don't work, you get to keep what you can steal though!
    Gangs are the ONLY factions allowed to wear shemaghs, and they HAVE to wear one as a way of identifying them as a gang members

    Some gangs may or may not have missions available to them, its pot luck which one you go for!

    Numbers are limited to a certain amount for each faction. details will be released soon, we just wanted to get people thinking about which faction to go for.

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    Storyline part 3

    After the NCRs defeat at the dam, most businesses closed, NCR citizens ran with the surviving troops, and the Mojave population were left to defend themselves. Businesses closed all over the Mojave. The great Mojave Express closed its doors, and it was even rumoured the mighty Van Graff family went out of business with all the chaos happening in the Strip. The only two trading companies left were the Crimson Caravan Company, and the Gun Runners.

    The Novac scouting party set out to meet with both companies, in the hope to get the supplies they need. The trip is a long and dangerous one, with the NCR gone, who knows what or who they might meet on the road. Armed with a few pistols and a handful of stimpacks, they set out in the direction of Crimson Caravan Company.

    The General had faith in his men, so far he had trained them well. He knew this mission would make or break the town he now called home. If they didn’t return, how much longer could he hold of the gangs, who everyday get more persistent and daring. The general had to continue his work, he planned and prepared night and day, all the while trying to remember life before Novac. He tried not to let it distract him, but the more he studied his manual, the more questions he had. Why did he fall behind the others? Why did he end up in a vault or what was he doing in there to begin with? These questions never left his mind.

    The Generals manual had all the best Intel the NCR had at the time before the 2nd Battle of the dam. The NCR seems so well prepared and had so much Intel, yet they still lost. Was the Intel off? If the Intel was off, was anymore of the Intel in his manual incorrect? Even more troubling was the missing pages in the Generals log book, they might have contained the information he wanted so bad. The General decided to put his Generals Manual and Log Book on display in the dino-gift store, in hope that anyone might recognise it who had seen the missing pages. The town seen a lot of travellers and refugees pass through, most of which on the run back to the South West, away from the Legion. Word soon spread of the Generals incomplete Manual, and off the number 22, scrawled on nearly every page.

    The scouting party was making slow progress on the interstate 15, only moving by cover of darkness to avoid detection by the ever present gangs. On occasion they encountered groups of refugees fleeing the area, and often shared camp with these people. They heard all sorts of stories and rumours, from the Boomers flying off to foreign lands, The King claiming ownership of The Strip and even stories of the Legate, Caesars 2nd in command, disappearing from the Legion camp without a trace. The most interesting story was of old world medical machines – auto-docs, told to them by Follower of the Apocalypse Arcade Gannon, travelling to one of the many refugee camps to lend aid. Although he openly expressed his approval of legion victory, he was still morally bound to help those he could. He mentioned seeing some of these auto-docs in the area around Novac, but they appeared to be broken. He jotted down what he could remember of them for the scouting party and gave some of his medical equipment that might work as replacement parts to fix them up again.

    Auto-docs would be a powerful tool to have if they could be repaired. However, due to the conditions of these machines, and the ‘dodgy’ replacement parts, moving them would certainly render them useless and beyond repair. If Novac was to repair them, they would have to be left where they are, but this would mean anyone that stumbled upon an auto-doc could use it – including raiders.

    The scouts walked for nights and nights, the mission was still in its first stage and already they were exhausted. They struck camp before sunrise and talked among themselves of turning back...but as the sun began to rise, there in the distance stood the red and white sign they had been searching for - The Crimson Caravan Company.

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    Storyline part 4

    As the scouting party approached the Crimson Caravan Company main entrance, they noticed how quiet it was. Places like this had always been buzzing with life, people from all over coming to trade, pack Brahmin and other animals pushing past you, no, this place reminded of them of Novac before the General was found, dead and hopeless. As they wandered closer a group of well armed men came from nowhere and surrounded the scouting party, waving guns and shouting at the group to get down, the Novac scouts couldnt believe they had made it this far, only to be killed outside the gates. They put their weapons down and raised their hands. The armed gang moved in on the scouts, and at a closer look the Novac scouts realised these were Crimson Caravan Employees, not raiders.

    Upon stating their business the scouts were allowed to move into the camp where they were made to wait with armed guards. They seemed to wait forever, and this made them nervous. After what felt like hours of waiting, someone finally came to see them, a couple more armed guards who did a quick pat down for concealed weapons, and once the all clear was given the guards called for their boss. The mood was instantly lifted when McLafferty, regional manager of the Crimson Caravan Companies New Vegas branch came in. He smiled, welcomed and introduced himself to the Novac scouts. He explained how sorry he was at how they had been treated, but in the recent weeks raiders had been attacking more and more. McLafferty had to step up security and everyone seemed on edge. The Crimson Caravan Company had battled raider gangs before, but never like this.

    The Novac scouts told the story of Novac, of the General and how they were is desperate need of supplies. McLafferty hadn't had customers in weeks, all his contracts had fled with the NCR, he was running out of caps fast, if he couldn't pay his employees to protect the companies base camp, he would lose everything.

    McLafferty was very charismatic, a great people person and after some bartering with the scouts, a deal was reached. The Crimson Caravan Company would deliver supplies straight to the town via small caravans. Novac agreed to pay the employees who delivered the shipments in the town as shipments arrived, and allow them to use the dino-store and any medical equipment they had at Novac. The Crimson Caravan company would supply food, water, medical supplies, ammo and a new product they had just started making - guns. The Scouts liked McLafferty, he was keen to get the supplies moving and he was running a tight ship, but anytime they seen him he had at least a body guard or two with him. He looked nervous, he watched everyone around him and only seemed to trust his guards. He was always checking his pockets and anytime they overheard him speaking with his guards, he was always speaking about some kind of body armour he wanted back.

    The scouts spent the night and packed early the next day to set off to their next destination. McLafferty came to see them off and gave them extra medical supplies, food and a piece of advice as the scouts set off - don't trust the Gun Runners.

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    Storyline part 5

    The road to the Gun Runners camp was going to be the longest distance the scouts would have to travel; they hoped the past few weeks of training the General provided would be enough...they were going deep into gang territory.

    The NCR had fought back the majority of the Mojave gangs to the point were they only operated around their hideouts and never ventured very far. The gangs who once dominated the Mojave and wreaked havoc and misery on the local population had been completely decimated by the NCR. The once organised gangs were now operating in small self organised groups with no clear leadership other than the self appointed leaders of each small gang.

    When the NCR fled, the gangs were quick to cease advantage and move further out to the main traveling routes and nearby towns were before they wouldn’t have gotten within a mile off. The gangs killed everyone and took all they could carry. They began to target NCR soldiers running in small groups, and it wasn’t long before the gangs were well armed again. The gangs were still small, but they were now one of the most well equipped fighting groups in the wasteland.

    Novac suffered for weeks at the hands of gangs, who day and night stormed the towns defences and slowly bleed the town of its resources. Novac’s saving grace was that the gangs had not united under one leader. The gangs were greedy and power hungry, not willing to share their spoils with anyone...and why would they, they were doing better than ever. If the gangs united and attacked Novac, they could tear the place down and leave it in ruins. But the gangs were in it for themselves, and like the olden days when they rules the Mojave, they were expanding their territories and rivaling themselves with the other gangs, determined to dominate the rest, they would fight any gang who wasn’t part of their own.

    Some of the gangs started making names for themselves, the four most ruthless and feared gangs in the past weeks to rise up were the Fiends – lead by a man called Hidebarks, the Jackals + Scorpions – not much is known about their leadership yet, as any who cross them have met their end, and the Vipers – run by Slinger, the only surviving gang leader from before the NCR eradicated the gangs.

    Rumors of the gangs have spread, particularly of the fiend leader, Hidebarks. The Fiends were drugged up thugs who would take pot shots from distance or attack up close in a drugged fueled frenzy. Any trained and organised unit could usually beat off a Fiend attack, but the past few weeks had been different, the fiends were moving faster, further and using organised tactics. This was all thanks to Hidebarks, a ruthless and brutal man who before now had never been heard of. He fought like a warrior who was born to fight and dominate, but with no record of him having served with the NCR army or mercenary groups, no one knows where he came from.

    Slinger, leader of the vipers is a name feared by everyone in the Mojave. The NCR had a large bounty on his head and is rumored 100’s of bounty hunters and hired mercs met an unpleasant end in their hunt for him. A slippery character who always seems to be one step ahead, it’s rumored he has performed assassinations in the past if the caps where right. The vipers have been described as an evil 1st recon, as they don’t attack like the other gangs would – head on, no, the Vipers were patient, they hide and wait until their victims are right on top of them, and then they spring their trap. The Vipers were also known for their marksmanship and it is said, the lucky victims of the vipers were also taken out from distance, totally unaware...they were the lucky ones.

    The scorpions and jackals were as ruthless as the others, expanding their territory and relentlessly raiding and pillaging. When at the wrong end of a raid from these gangs, it felt more like trying to fight of an army than a small gang. The firepower these gangs had gathered in the past weeks had really given them an advantage over the locals.

    The Novac scouts came into contact with nearly all these gangs on their journey to Gun Runners. The scouts would hide if there was any sign of a gang and any skirmishes were usually small as the scouts didn’t appear to have much to loot. Stimpacks proved to be the scout’s most valuable resource. They were sure that without them they would not have made it this far. Stimpacks were a med-tex creation, using stem-cell technology to heal wounds on the go. They didn’t do much good for victims of explosions though, as the scouts learned after losing some of their numbers to grenades and booby traps.

    The scouts took a beating on their way to the gun runners, battles and malnourishment had taken its toll. The amount of travelers they spotted on the road had dramatically decreased in the past week, whether most people had left the Mojave by now, or the raiders were picking more of them off, the scouts needed to get to the Gun Runners soon. Stimpacks could only be used once, a visit to a doctor or auto-doc were the only options you had if you have already used one, and most of the scouts had used one after contact with gangs. Arcade Gannon was the last known Doctor in the area to leave, so fixing the auto-docs would be Novac’s top priority when the scouts returned.

    After a week or travel, the scouts reached the Gun Runners camp. From a distance it looked busy, not like the Crimson Caravan Company. Armed guards surrounded the camp, but this was normal for the Gun Runners.

    The scouts approached the Gun Runners camp. Out of nowhere there was a loud barrage of bangs...and suddenly the scouts dropped to the ground and pulled their weapons – Gun shoots where coming from the Gun Runners camp.

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    Storyline part 6, final part.

    As the scouts looked around to see where the shots came from, they noticed the Gun Runner Guards still standing, seemingly unconcerned about the sudden gun fire. The gun runners had fired off warning shots at the scouts and by the time the scouts had realised what was going on, the Gun Runners had surrounded them. Just like at Crimson Caravan, they were relieved of their weapons and searched for anything that may affiliate them as gang members. After explaining who they were and what they wanted, the scouts were invited inside.

    The scouts had never seen anything like this; both the Crimson Caravan Company and Gun Runners were in full defence mode and pointing guns at potential customers. The Mojave couldn’t be any more on edge, no one trusted anyone.

    The Gun Runners, although obviously worried about attack, seemed to handle the situation very well. The Gun Runners appeared more like a military unit than a trading business. It wasn’t always this way though, before the arrival of their new boss the Gun Runners locked themselves in a fortified building and all transactions where done via an armed security bot. The new Boss had turned them into soldiers.

    The man sent to run the New Vegas branch of the Gun Runners went by the name of – Curtis. No one knows much about him, as he never talked much about himself, his own men don’t even know his second name. Curtis was employed by the Gun Runners 4 years ago, and has made a very successful career out of it, having being promoted again and again for his efficiency and determination to get things done. He came across a bit ruthless, someone who would never accept defeat.

    The NCR had taken an interest in Curtis, who was noticed for his skill in battle. After trying to do some background research on him, the NCR realised they couldn’t find any record of him from before he joined the Gun Runners. He was clearly a warrior, someone who had been involved in combat all his life, but yet no record was found of him having served with the NCR army or any Mercenary groups in the territory. Never the less, the NCR had plans for Curtis. The Gun Runners crafted the finest weapons anyone had ever seen, thanks to their pre-war schematics they kept under lock and key. If the NCR could convince the Gun Runner to supply only them, then the NCR would have the best equipped army in old world America and no one would be able to match them. It was believed that Curtis, being a man of combat, would be the man to arrange this, and so the NCR put in place meetings to make a deal...this was abruptly interrupted by the recent NCR defeat by the Legion at the 2nd battle of Hoover Dam.

    Behind the scenes another war was brewing. The schematics the Gun Runners used to craft their weapons had gone missing a few weeks past during the chaos of the Legion attack at the Dam. No one knew were they had gone, until a few days later the Crimson Caravan Company started producing higher quality weapons. Curtis was sure that Mclafferty had taken them. By now it was common knowledge that the Gun Runners and Crimson Caravan Company were fighting each other. Both companies would raid each others caravans to steal shipments to sell for themselves...but as yet both companies haven't been daring enough to full on attack the other at their base. One thing was for sure, Curtis wanted those schematics back, and he was the type of man who would stop at nothing to achieve his goals...maybe that's why Mclafferty was so on edge?

    Although at war with each other, both trading companies still try to maintain their professionalism and won't be seen fighting in front of any customers, and as such they tend to avoid each other around Novac and have been told to ignore one another while in Novac. Novac may reduce the rate of pay per shipment if there is fighting in or around the town.

    Curtis didn’t make the scouts wait long, he soon arrived to great them, with a firm hand shake and a short hello, he really didn’t waste any time. The scouts explained their situation and told the Generals story. Curtis was a hard man to read, although he did seem more interested in the story of the General rather than the caps he could make from this deal. The scouts didn’t barter for a price as they did with Mclafferty of Crimson Caravan Company, Curtis didn’t seem the type to like having his time wasted, so when Curtis gave his price, the scouts agreed.

    The Gun runners were to supply Automatic weapons, ammo, medical supplies and some food supplies. The town of Novac was to pay a lump sum for each delivery to the Gun Runner who delivered the shipments.

    Once the deal was made, Curtis gave the scouts an armed guard back to the main road, from there they would have to make it back to Novac on their own. The guards talked more than Curtis did and explained how dangerous the area was, with at least 2 gang hideouts thought to be nearby.

    The scouts had done the impossible. They travelled from one end of the Mojave to the other and most had survived to tell the tale. They established trade routes with both companies and gathered Intel on the area which would be vital to helping them survive. Whether they would survive the journey back home or not, it didn’t matter to them, they had given Novac everything they would need to defend themselves.

    Days later and the scouts did return. As they approached Novac the adrenaline pumped, they saw themselves invincible, hardened warriors after what they had been through. Upon through the entrance to the town they were suddenly reminded of just how bad things where...Towns folks fighting over scraps, men with pistols trying to fight of heavily armed gangs. The scouts’ mission wouldn’t compare to the task ahead.

    The towns spirits where lifted to see the return of most of their comrades, and the Novac people couldn’t believe they had been so successful. Novac would now have the tools it needed to defend, rebuild and thrive. And even with the threat of Legion looming over the Mojave, a strange atmosphere flooded through the town, a feeling nearly all who lived there had forgotten...Novac began to hope.

    But would hope ever be enough?

    Because... war, war never changes

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    Game rules, factions and goals


    Crimson Caravan Company
    Gun Runners
    Novac militia

    Each Faction has their own base, or hideout in the case of a gang. Players are to bring ALL their gear onto the field with them, including their lunch spare batteries etc. This is a continuous game, it will not stop for lunch, so players are to use their own judgement when is the best time to eat during the game. It is advised that players bring only what gear they need onto the field, as there will be the possibility that a number of factions will need to relocate their base/hideout during the course of the game, so having your gear in a backpack will make any possible move easier.

    Most factions will have an EM (Embedded Marshal) playing a character. This is a heavily story themed game, so EMs are there to guide their faction through the story, keep the game flowing and make sure the game rules are being followed.

    Faction costumes

    All factions have camo/dress codes, so please apply these to your costume if you are making one. (there will be prizes for costumes). If you are unsure if your costume will meet your faction dress requirements, please send me a message and i can let you know if it's suitable or not!
    If you show up in the wrong camo, you may be put into another faction or if this isn't possible due to faction ratio's, you won't be able to play!

    Camo/dress requirements are;

    Gun Runners - Green based camo (No multi cam) Preferably OD and green costumes. NO SHEMAGHS.
    Crimson Caravan Company - Brown based camo and costumes (this includes multi-cam) NO SHEMAGHS.
    Gangs - Advise wearing civilian clothing, black jackets etc but MUST WEAR A SHEMAGH (can tie around your arm/neck/assault vest, whatever as long as you wear it!). Don't wear all green or brown like the traders but feel free to use these colors in your costume.
    Novac - Civilian clothing. NO SHEMAGHS. (Vault suits etc!)


    While there will be a lot of different locations around the site, only a few will be revealed to each faction. Some maps will be supplied to each faction, and players can feel free to add locations as they discover them, and sell those locations on to other factions or players if they can.

    Bases and hideouts can be raided. Gang hide outs however have nothing of value to be raided, the only time it is of benefit to raid a gang hide out is when the gang members are present, or to set up an ambush when they arent. Only items from bleeding out players can be looted at gang hide outs, players back packs etc are personal property and not to be touched.

    The town of Novac, Crimson Caravan Company and the Gun Runners camp will each have a safe (large box with the word safe on it) with a mix of ammo/medical supplies and food items put into a small easy to grab'n'run box. If a gang (or rival trading company) successfully raids the base/town, they can empty the safe. The safe will be restocked by the factions EM once he regens and the base is no longer under attack.

    FRV is a very large site, 80 acres, so it is highly advised everyone bring a radio. Beg borrow or steal one if you have too.


    Shipments will be made available to both trading companies throughout the day to transport to Novac, instead of sitting in one big pile to work through. There may be times when there are no shipments available to one trading company, but the other might have some - so go steal them for yourself! Shipments will be made available in equal amounts but not always at the same time to both companies, so no one is at an advantage. Shipments can only be moved one at a time. Members can radio their base once a delivery has been made or their shipment has been stolen to send the next one out, so teams of traders can operate more efficiently.

    The Crimson Caravan Company and Gun Runners have to stick to a set route when carrying a shipment. Both companies will have their own set route. The routes will be sign posted and marked on a map. Any group seen transporting shipments anywhere other than the set route, they will be sent back to their base to start again! It wont take long for the gangs to figure the routes out, so keep your wits about you!!! Once a shipment has been completed or looted from you, traders may return to their base anyway they please.

    Shipments can be stolen by gangs. If a gang manages to steal a shipment, they must leave the case and only take the contents. (contents will be in a cardboard box that's labeled to make it easy to grab and run)

    Traders cant at any stage use the contents of the shipments, all traders can do is deliver shipments.

    Once a shipment is brought to Novac, it is to be delivered to the General. The General gives payment there and then for the delivery in a lump sum. The contents of the shipment are added to the novac gift store stock, and can be bought. If the shipment is brought to Novac and the General is dead, the traders must wait until he regens and returns to accept delivery of the shipment.

    Note that if the two trading companies are seen fighting with each other in the town or in the area around the town, the pay you get for shipments decreases. So be careful to ambush or square off out of site from the town. By all means try to intimidate the opposing trader party while in Novac, as if they open fire on you and you don't, then they will lose out on caps, not you!

    Crimson Caravan Company and Gun Runners get the same pay for shipments, however Crimson Caravan Company risk this dropping during the game if they are unable to complete a mission. You have to wait until the game to find out more.

    Novac gift store/Edward Sallow (traveling merchant/vendor);

    This will be an area inside novac where its militia, gun runners and crimson caravan members can spend hard earned caps on purchasing ammo and medical supplies among other things. The General shall deal with all transactions. If the General is killed, the store is temporally closed until he can regen and return to the store.

    Edward Sallow will be travelling around the main routes and Novac. Anyone can buy ammo/medical supplies from him. Gang members who successfully steal shipments can sell food items to Edward Sallow for caps/ammo/medical supplies. The same with any food items found throughout the wasteland, all can be sold to Edward by anyone.

    While Edward Sallow isn't a 'player' he is still as involved in this game as any other person and can be killed. Edward is neutral to all factions and won't attack unprovoked, but he will defend himself if he feels he needs too. When Edward is dead he will let you know, as he still needs to travel around to perform EM duties. Edward Sallow can use any auto-doc point or failing that he comes back into play after a period of time (at Edwards own discretion).

    Shooting Edward Sallow as he is about to trade with your enemy might be a good way to stop your enemy getting a small batch of supplies, but Edward is unlikely to trade with someone who has previously shot at you need to ask whats going to be better for you in the long run.

    For those who havent played fallout, bottle caps are the main form of currency. All bottle caps are being supplied, so no need to bring any.

    Ammo/Weapon Limits

    All BBs are being provided. Bring 0.2g BBs to use for chrono before the game, but everyone walks onto the field with zero ammo. Ammo will be waiting for you once you reach your faction HQ. Different factions will start off with different amounts of ammo.

    Ammo can only be reloaded at your own factions base/hideout or at the novac gift store/vendor. Edward Sallow is a travelling merchant, happy to serve anyone with the right amount of caps. You may reload when beside Edward Sallow.

    All BB's are being supplied in sealed plastic bags, from your starting bb's to the bb's you buy in the gift store.

    Players CAN carry SEALED bags of ammo. You cannot use them while outside your base though. You have to return to your faction base/gift store or Edward to open them and load them into your mags.

    Players CANNOT carry OPENED bags of ammo. Use it or lose it. If you are at your faction base, you can stick opened bags that you haven't used into your bag to use later. You cannot leave your base/gift store or edward with any opened bags of ammo. You can over them to your team mates to use them up. If you can't use them up, then leave them there.

    Bb's in speed loaders are considered lose ammo and therefore not permitted.

    Bags of ammo can be looted from bleeding out players, BB's already in mags cannot.

    High, med and low caps are all allowed. Box mags for actual support weapons only, no jamming drum mags into m4s etc. Throughout the day you could have vast quantity of ammo, or it could be very scarce, its your choice what weapon or magazine capacities you use, but mid caps may offer an advantage over high caps, which dont feed the last few bbs.

    Claymores, grenades and booby traps ie co2 grenade wire traps or similar things would really make this game, as there are lots of traps in fallout. All these kill instantly you cant use a stimpack to heal yourself.

    The Novac gift shop and Edward Sallow will stock bb's in per-measured amounts to buy with caps. Everyone will start with 0.2g bb's, apart from one faction which will have a mix of 0.2g and heavier bb's. Heavier bb's will be available in limited amounts during the day from the gift store and vendor. These will cost more caps, but will make your snipers and side arms more effective, worth the extra caps???

    There is a massive range of weapons in fallout, so this is a good chance to rock shotguns, pistols and rifles.


    If you are a member of the Novac militia, note that you will need to start with either a pistol, shottie, or sniper rifle. Novac have the most challenging and interesting start compared to other factions, but as the morning progresses, so does the militias armoury, so Novac members need to bring their AEG as well.

    Medical supplies and hit rules;

    Stimpacks can be purchased at the Novac gift store and from Edward Sallow. Stimpacks can only be applied by another player, ie, if you get hit, you cant give yourself a stimpack, another player has to apply it for you, using either a stimpack you own, or one of theirs.

    A Stimpack will be in the form of a bandage with stimpack printed on it. For it to work, it must be tied around the arm of a hit player.

    When a player is hit, they have a 3 minute bleed out time. In this time, a stimpack can be applied. A hit player cannot move, they must sit/stand with hands in the air while bleeding out. They may call for a medic in this time. If they are successfully given a stimpack, then can get up and play straight away.

    Only 1 stimpack can be given to a player at a time. So if you already have one on you and your hit, youre dead. You wait 3 minutes to allow other faction members to take caps/medical supplies or shipments of you if they can. After 3 minutes, you go to an auto-doc and remove the stimpack and your back in action straight away.

    If you are hit and bleeding out and a member of a rival faction is able to get to you and able to say im going to search you then you MUST hand over your caps/shipments/medical supplies, including stimpacks/any keys/food items. AMMO IS YOURS AND CANNOT BE TAKEN. This includes pyros. No actually searching of players, all items must be handed over when asked.

    Friendly fire counts, if you shoot a team mate, he follows the normal 3 minute bleed out.

    Weapon hits count as normal hits, follow normal 3 minute bleed out time.

    No bang kills, take the shot. Aim for a well padded area if you're that close.

    Knife/pyro kills

    Knife kills are allowed, even if you dont have a rubber knife. If you sneak up behind someone, you must put at least 1 hand on their shoulder and say/whisper kinfe kill. The killed player cannot shout out for medic of call hit, they must wait quietly for 3 minutes and then head directly to an auto-doc. No stimpacks can help you if you have been knife killed.
    If you set of a trap grenade/claymore/mine or killed by a thrown grenade, you are dead, you cannot use a stimpack. You wait the 3 minutes to allow other team to search you if they can and then go to an auto-doc.

    If a player is bleeding out and calling for a medic, you can still knife kill or kill them with a pyro to silence them. If this happens to you, you wait in silence until your 3 mins is up and then move to an auto-doc to regen.

    'Power Armour'

    One embedded marshal has the chance to acquire a set of power armour. Power armour is extremely tough and only by shooting the weak spot on the armour can your bring the person wearing it down. The weak spot is a tin plate on the front chest, shot this to kill the EM wearing it. (Thanks for this idea magicman :whistle: )

    Regen area (Auto-docs)

    Each base will have its own auto-doc to be used only when the base is not under attack. There will be auto-docs spread thought the gaming area for all players to use as communal regen points. If there is fighting going on in the area around an auto-doc (20 metres) then the auto-doc is closed and you must move onto another one. Use common sense for this!

    If an auto-doc has a faction name attached to it, only members from this faction can use it. Crimson Caravan Company has 1 dedicated auto-doc nearby their base. Gun Runner has 1 dedicated auto-doc nearby their base. Novac will have 3 dedicated Auto-docs nearby the town.

    All other 'communal' auto-docs will be placed in open areas and not hidden away or hard to find.

    Some auto-docs may be damaged and in need of repair before use and others may be damaged in game and put out of use. Always check the auto-doc you are about to use, as it may belong to another faction or be broken.

    Pictures of auto-docs will be released before the game so everyone knows what to look for. Some off Novacs auto docs will look different from the others to accommodate certain missions/storyline (damaged auto-docs out of use until repaired), again pictures will be posted pre-game.

    Radio Channels

    Each faction will have their own set channel. No scanning allowed, stick to your own channel throughout the day.
    Channels will be posted to each faction closer to the event.

    Essential Kit To Bring

    Feel free to wear costumes and use what kit you wants, but here is a list of some items you will need to bring with you into the gaming area during play;

    - Back pack (nothing massive, just something to store spare batteries/lunch etc)
    - Radio (As i said, FRV is massive, a radio is a must for keeping in contact with your teams mates as its very likely you will get split up from them throughout the day)
    - Small amount of 0.2g BB's for chrono before the game - All other BB's are being supplied
    - BRING A WATCH to time your 3 minute bleed out.

    I advise bringing a large pouch or something with a large pocket to carry all the game props in - ie, bottle caps, stimpacks and sealed ammo bags. If you get looted, having it all in one place makes it easier and your less likely to forget to hand something over if you have items stuffed away all over the place.

    - Sense of humor and sporting attitude!


    That's a lot to take in, so hes a quick summery of the main rules;

    - When hit - bleed out for 3 mins.
    - Stimpack can be applied within 3 mins by another player. Only one stimpack can be worn at a time.
    - You can only reload at your base/Novac Gift store or when standing beside Edward Sallow (Skip).
    - You can only carry SEALED bags of ammo outside of your base/gift store/Edward Sallow.
    - When you open a bag of ammo at any of the three reloading locations - use it or lose it.
    - When raiding a town or trader base, you can only loot bleeding out players and the base safe which will be clrearly labeled.
    - When you have bleed out - use an auto-doc to regen. Do not use an auto-doc if it is labeled with another faction that isn't your own.
    - Novac militia need to bring two weapons - An AEG AND at least 1 pistol/shotgun/sniper. This is a game requirement, don't ask to join Novac if you can't bring the two guns needed.

    Em's will be there to keep you right so ask if your not sure of something.

    Any question, just ask!

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    Game details and timings

    Fallout Redemption

    Date - Sunday 4th Aug

    Where - FRV

    Time - Arrive at 9am, 30 mins to kit up/chrono and form into factions before brief at 9:30 sharp. The game will run with no breaks until 5-6pm.

    Cost - £20 (payable at Toy Soldiers)

    Fallout Redemption is a live action role playing game. This will be unlike any other game you have played. Fallout redemption isn't just for fallout fans, but anyone who is into gang warfare and post apocalyptic games! With a completely different set of rules and 7, yes 7 factions battling it out for survival, fallout redemption is as close to a post nuclear war as your gonna get! We are trying to keep it as true to the new vegas game as possible. Continuing on from when the main story ends in the video game, this story will feature many places, factions and people from the game. Its a chance to get the costumes out and have a laugh at each others acting skills! There will be plenty of battles, positions to hold and take, quests to complete, and hidden items to stumble upon. However as this isn't like your normal weekend shoot, there will be quiet spells of defending and missions that involve sneaking rather than attacking, so don't come expecting an 8 hour long fire fight!

    Please note all BB's are being provided, you only need to bring a few for the chrono before the game. There are no ammo limits in the game, and its NOT a mid cap only game, you may use what mags you want.

    No lunch break, all gear is to be brought onto the field. Players can have lunch whenever they want, but we ask they do so ingame. It's up to you to decide when is a good time to eat it.

    Most factions will have an EM (Embedded Marshal) running the teams. As this is a heavily story orientated game, EM's are essential for the smooth running of the game and to lead their factions through the planned storyline. Although there is a set storyline, we have no idea how well each faction will do or who will win, all all comes down to team work, strategy and luck!

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    This is a pre-paid game and registration has been opened. Due to the numbers needed and amount being spent on props, including all BB's being provided, we are running fallout out as a pre-paid game only. 60 places have been opened and at this moment about 50% are still available.

    Payments can be made at toy soldiers airsoft in belfast, or for those who are too far away, you can use paypal, please contact toy soldiers for details on that -

    If you wish to take part, please copy and paste the following into and email and send it to - [email protected]

    Name (Give forum name!):

    Faction choice:

    Second faction choice: (Give more if you can, as it will make it more likely you'll get one you want!)

    Do you want placed on reserve list if spaces are filled:

    Are you coming as a group, if so who do you want in your team:
    (note anyone you plan on coming with has to apply separately, we will do our best to keep friends and team mates together)

    Once we receive your email, we will place on you the player list and reply with details on whether you made your chosen faction or a secondary choice (the more you can give the better). Once we replay then please get in touch with toy soldiers to make payment to secure your place.

    All details, including the full player list can be found here -

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    Hey just wondering is this a FALLOUT themed airsoft skirmish? if so very good job. I bought a CA 870 shotgun to replicate the Hunting Shotgun from New Vegas and I also got a Modern full metal gas powered M1911, I have gas mask and other apocalyptic gear, would love to join in on this fight! :)